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    Stop the bleeding! should be in every kitchen first aid kit!
  2. petemccracken

    Plating a dinner for 300

    gives a glimpse into the BOH in 60 seconds
  3. petemccracken

    Why many culinary graduates may be unhappy

    Interesting read:, though written for Gen "Y", the theory clearly has applications to those who wonder why they are not Executive Chefs or Sous Chefs within a year after graduating.
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    When is a "cup" not a "cup"?

    With members from around the world, we sometimes forget, or maybe didn't know, that a "cup" in one area does not necessarily mean a "cup" in another area. Having done a little research, by no means exhaustive, I've developed a table that helps me translate recipes from different sources. Some...
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    CaterSource founder Mike Roman passes away

    From CaterBuzz Facebook page:
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    Mastercook v14 available starting 6 am CDT, Tuesday, June 25, 2013

  7. petemccracken

    Mastercook v14 available starting 6 am CDT, Tuesday, June 25, 2013

  8. petemccracken

    Mastercook v14 available starting 6 am CDT, Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Mastercook v14 will be available for download starting Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 6:00 am CDT, go to for details. As a Beta tester over the last several weeks, both old users and those new to Mastercook will be impressed. Mastercook v14 have a new look, bug fixes and...
  9. petemccracken

    Sheet pan cakes

    Though a chef, I'm NOT a pastry chef! OK, I have half (13"x18") and full (18"x26") sheet pans that are 1" deep. How can I use those for sheet cakes? Do I need "pan extenders"?
  10. petemccracken

    Mastercook special through Cyber Monday 2012 has a special through Cyber Monday, download Mastercook 11 for only $4.99.
  11. petemccracken

    Talk to the Manager, what do you think?

    Came across which provides an avenue to text comments directly to the chef/manager of a restaurant. Good, bad, indifferent?
  12. petemccracken

    MasterCook lives on!

    Check out Mastercook V14   , Cosmi has purchased Mastercook from THX and is on the track to upgrade and enhance MasterCook. Go to and register to be kept up to date on developments. Also, if you have a Digital River download of MasterCook, Cosmi will replace it with...
  13. petemccracken

    ISO Gluten Free, Certified Organic Co-packers

    I have a client looking for a gluten free, certified organic co-packer for proprietary snack bars and cookies. Can anybody suggest some leads?
  14. petemccracken

    Hobart C-100 or Globe SP10 or equivalent

    Looking for a used, 10 quart mixer, in good shape with bowl, paddle, whip, dough hook for test kitchen application in Porterville, CA 93257 Need is urgent!
  15. petemccracken

    I would like to know the best way to get in the right kitchen

    Are you looking for a job? Or to be an apprentice? Or??? Where are you located?
  16. petemccracken

    Searching ChefTalk AND adding links

    Two problems (may be operator error) First, running WinXP,SP3, Firefox 11.0 1) Attempted to use the search bar to find "classified ads", when I clicked SEARCH, tab closed and web site disappeared! 2) When trying to post a link, the popup no longer shows a text box, only the link box.
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    Sklips, anybody using them?

    Probably should have posted this in the cooking equipment forum, but these are more for the pros in the business.
  18. petemccracken

    Job Hunting? Take a look at the rules that might be broken!
  19. petemccracken

    Macaron or Macaroon?

    I know that a macaron is not the same as a macaroon. Now, is the pronunciation different as well??
  20. petemccracken

    Gluten Free, Allergy Free Recipes and Tips

    Found a resource, Gluten Free, Allergy Free Recipes and Tips that might be helpful, there is even an iPhone App!
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