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  1. petemccracken

    What Did You Have For Dessert?

    My favorite is a Strawberry Souffle
  2. petemccracken

    Problem in a Chinese Recipe?

    As it is a braise, low and slow. This might give you some tips:
  3. petemccracken

    What's the standard rule of thumb for doing costs?

    At a quick glance, some cost items appear to be missing: Buffet/display rentals, e.g. bowls, platters, etc.Consumables/disposables: plates, tableware, glasses, napkins, table coveringsBeverages, e.g. coffee, tea, etc.Bar and adult beveragesKitchen rentalTransportation expensesOverhead allowance...
  4. petemccracken

    Food safety issue

    Don't forget, the Food Safety Code allows up to 4 hours within the danger zone before it is legally dangerous.
  5. petemccracken

    Preparing to make my first sourdough bread.

    Um, I believe the final product is 75% hydration (first line) and the starter is listed as 100% hydration (second line)
  6. petemccracken

    Salary for Sous chef

    Standard pay is calculated on 40 hour workweeks, 4.33 weeks/standard month $21.00/hour * 40 hours =$840.00/week $840.00week * 4.33 weeks/standard month =$3,637.20/standard month $3,37.20/standard month * 12 month/year = $43,646.40
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    Except for a brief 4 years about 40 years ago and since 2005 (MediCare) I never had nor needed medical insurance
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    Do you need cookbooks?

    Besides, when the batteries die and the power goes off, one can always read a book by candlelight!
  9. petemccracken

    Show us your face

    Here's a throwback of my wife and me when we were actively teaching C/W couples
  10. Pete and Wanda.JPG

    Pete and Wanda.JPG

  11. petemccracken

    Show us your face

    No to the ear ring, it is on the tree and, yes, my avatar is me in my restaurant kitchen, um, 4 years ago...
  12. petemccracken

    How do I get in the door

    Business casual, with your whites, neatly pressed, in the car with your knife roll
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    Show us your face

    An a "working photo"
  14. Show us your face

    Show us your face

  15. Chef McCracken.Headshot.jpg

    Chef McCracken.Headshot.jpg

  16. P.McCracken_000.jpg


  17. petemccracken

    Need to know the make of this stove!?

    Is there a name plate?
  18. petemccracken

    almond flour...ideas?

    Um, if the desired amount is 6 ounces total and the ration is 1:4, then A+4F = 6 ounces, substituting a for F, 5F = 6 ounces, therefore A=F = 1.2 ounces and 4F = 4.8 ounces, otherwise, one ends up with 7 1/2 ounces total
  19. petemccracken

    gas burner problem

    Should be an air adjustment, sort of like on a Weber grill. It sounds like the air has been cut off or obstructed
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