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  1. headless chicken

    Seeking professional advice

    Yes I know, its been a while and I'm still alive. It is probably my own fault though, I left the company and this industry 3 years ago to work with family in a professional area that I have little to no background in only to return to my old job after they sought me out 2 months later.  I...
  2. headless chicken

    "extracurricular" activities for chefs.

    Having started a family, I had to give mine up...for now at least.   is a forum I regular on for my hobby.  What is airsoft?  Think paintball only funner, in my opinion at least.  Same fundamentals as shooting real firearms; same handing, safety, equipment with the...
  3. headless chicken

    Long Time No Post...lots of catching up to do

    The misses had her first checkup yesterday.  Wasn't much of anything, they just took her weight and asked for some medical history amongst some forms I had to fill out for her.  And the doc pulled out the ultrasound machine so I got to hear the little tyke.  I now gotta book another clinic for...
  4. headless chicken

    Long Time No Post...lots of catching up to do

    We can simply toss diapers in the garbage. I highly doubt I'll be shopping for daycare, my wife won't be working at least until she gets her landed immigrant status.  I think mom is thinking of taking early retirement in a couple years also plus I got 2 FOB aunts who don't work right now...
  5. headless chicken

    Long Time No Post...lots of catching up to do

    HA not an option. She is a Hong Kong citizen and only here on a visitor's visa but we've already started the paperwork for her landed immigrant status.  Means she doesn't have health coverage (OHIP) so I'll be paying out for everything.  No sleep for me, maybe do a part time job during...
  6. headless chicken

    Long Time No Post...lots of catching up to do

    Boy have I missed this place. Been quite busy since my last visit/post here.  I had quit my job at Compass Group Canada only to return to them 3 months was that an idiot move.  Ended up getting married, did a small reception before the end of the year, got to meet about half of my...
  7. headless chicken

    Need help on some good culinary schols in Canada

    I think theres also the Culinary Institute of Canada in Charlottetown, PEI and Liason College in Toronto, I think there is also a good culinary program at Stratford U.  I don't know much about any of them though. GBC is easy to get in to and affordable but you'll hate their administration work. 
  8. headless chicken

    What's all this talk about 50+ hours a week?

    My former kitchen was turning their leaf, converting most of the positions into part time work but everyone is unionized so they still kept everything their contract entitled including sick days and vacation time.  Only thing they get dinged on was their 2 week paycheck.  Still cheaper but these...
  9. headless chicken

    Now fast is too fast?

    Oh that we know and have explained, even this girl has heard stories from her aunt.  We've gotten to know each other fairly well in the couple of months of webcaming, we chatted pretty much every night since being introduced.  We've talked a lot since meeting in person also. Again though, I...
  10. headless chicken

    Now fast is too fast?

    So things have come along well enough.  Light recap; I quit my kitchen job after being shafted for almost 7 years to work with my uncles as I will be going through a major life style change during the next few years.  One such change is martial status, I was introduced to someone who lives out...
  11. headless chicken

    General Tso's Chicken

    Brown sugar, lots of ginger, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, and dried chilies.  I normally do it with pork tenderloin uncoated.  Turns out very nice.
  12. headless chicken

    rolling backpack vs small luggage for class?

    I'm not sure how practical it is for a student but I bought a 5.11 24hr day pack for my day to day use.  It'll hold some of my small wares (thermometer, spatula, whatever that can stay flat), 2 sets of my chef's whites, laptop, whatever documents for the day and office supplies, and a hydration...
  13. headless chicken

    Funny how this becomes almost an annual thing.

    Thanks chefedb, I don't regret my decision, I just hate my reasoning and situation that forced me to make that choice.  Especially since this was my first and only kitchen job.
  14. headless chicken

    Funny how this becomes almost an annual thing.

    Well management really doesn't want to see me leave, I've worked with most of them my entire career with there and they've offered advice and suggestions to reconsider.  But if my director's actions were any indication of my value to him was, I'm glad I put my resignation in.  At first, he...
  15. headless chicken

    Funny how this becomes almost an annual thing.

    I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.  This AV gig is hopefully a temporary solution, my uncles know my heart is set in this industry so its just something to tie me over till I can land a kitchen job. Corporate wouldn't have done anything, its not up to them.  Site managers and directors are...
  16. headless chicken

    Funny how this becomes almost an annual thing.

    Well it looks like I'll be writing up a letter of resignation. I'm told through my site manager that he sees no reason for a pay increase given that I'm technically doing the same job at a different site.  If this is the case then I guess I'll be throwing away my 7 years with them.  In his...
  17. headless chicken

    Funny how this becomes almost an annual thing.

    At a crossroads again but things have changed...quite a bit this time. Professional long story made short; another new director, another new chef.  But the similarities from my past dilemma end there; my unit got a total face lift introducing new concepts.  I've also taken up a management...
  18. headless chicken

    I hate Allergies!! Who else has them?

    My eyes water every morning I drive in to work and I don't bother with any over the counter meds.  Non-drowsy ones aren't strong enough and I can't risk using stronger drowsy meds while driving my ebike or at work so I just suffer though it each year...and thats just seasonal allergies from...
  19. headless chicken

    Starting new job tomorrow!

    Get good comfortable shoes.  Your feet and ankles will thank you later.
  20. headless chicken

    Need a survival kit; opinions?

    meh, just preparing for the possibility of the worse...I do it all the time at work since taking the lead.  egress timing wasn't something I had considered since someone brought up issue.  The scenario was; given only 5mins to pack up and leave, what would you bring?  That was situation the...
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