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  1. ktanasy


    For the Executive Chef, as many hours needed.
  2. ktanasy

    Would you rather hire a cook with experience or a certificate?

    I would hire someone with experience. In the US your required to be certified in health laws and procedures.
  3. ktanasy

    Commercial or domestic blender for small restaurant kitchen?

    I recommend getting a Ninja Blender
  4. ktanasy

    Can I Steam my frozen Veggies before Stir-Frying them?

    Good for him. It’s not doing much good for the people consuming it.
  5. ktanasy

    Best way to hire chef consultant

    Congratulations on your new restaurant. As an Award Winning Chef/Consultant I can say it depends on what you want to achieve. For example I would be hired to produce menus, restaurant themes and kitchen logistics, along with food cost analysts and labor analysts. I’ve traveled all over the...
  6. ktanasy

    Chefs cleaning toilets

    No this is very odd. Most restaurants have specific utility people that handle the cleaning of restrooms.
  7. ktanasy

    Can't Stop Thinking About Work - Is this normal in a chef?

    It sounds like you need to find a hobby. Perhaps play darts with friends or something else. Don’t let the drinking get the best of you. It’s good to be dedicated to your work, however it sounds like your just living to work.
  8. ktanasy

    Catering question

    I agree with $300-$350
  9. ktanasy

    A professional question

    You don’t need to have formal training to be a chef. If you want to become a chef, simply apply yourself and build the confidence to be one. You can do it.
  10. ktanasy

    At a professional level, are some parts of a chefs abilities genetic/physiological?

    I was raised in a family of chefs and cooks. My family was in the hotel-restaurant business for years as I was growing up. I started cooking at the age of 7, making sandwiches and stuff like that. However I do have the ability to taste food in my imagination, i think it’s very important as a...
  11. ktanasy

    Can I Steam my frozen Veggies before Stir-Frying them?

    I can’t imagine why you would use frozen vegetables in a stir-fry. Fresh vegetables are so much better for this. Don’t be lazy, do it good.
  12. ktanasy

    Alfredo Sauce: Bechamel or no?

    Your welcome to make it anyway you choose. I was simply saying that the original Alfredo recipe is made without garlic. It doesn’t matter to me how people make it, I just know how it was shown to me from Italian chefs from Italy.
  13. ktanasy

    Alfredo Sauce: Bechamel or no?

    Just google it, or ask any chef. I’ve worked with several Italian, French & German chefs. Not to say anything is wrong with adding garlic, it’s not in the original recipe.
  14. ktanasy

    Alfredo Sauce: Bechamel or no?

    Nothing good comes easy. Use heavy cream and butter then add the Parmesan cheese. Alfredo sauce does not have garlic. Although many people think so.
  15. ktanasy

    Communicating in the Kitchen

    When I had my restaurant I asked all the employees to leave their cell phones with the receptionist until work was finished. I believe when your being paid to do a job, you should show a little respect to your employer.
  16. ktanasy

    Ever had a job with little to no standards?

    It sounds like you haven’t found the place you need to be in.
  17. ktanasy

    When you want to give up

    I don’t know all the circumstances of your situation, however I was once in the same situation and recruited special people to fill some of the positions, such as people who have autism or other disabilities that don’t restrict them from performing the job. These people should they be acceptable...
  18. ktanasy

    Chicken: To Wash or Not to Wash

    I’ve been in the food business for 45 years and always rinsed the chicken before cooking it. Haven’t killed anyone yet. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
  19. ktanasy

    Communicating in the Kitchen

    She sounds very inexperienced to be working in a professional kitchen. Number one the use of any type of headphones during serving hours should be prohibited. Communication is very important in preventing accidents like that, perhaps you and the chef should have a sit-down with her to give her a...
  20. ktanasy

    Burgers: Chargrill vs Flattop

    Something to consider, Years ago I read in a book called Great American Sandwiches that the best burger was made by first starting it on a flat grill until it took shape and then transfer to a char-grill. You then grill some onion on the place you first started the burger on the flat grill. It...
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