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  1. unichef

    Epcot Food and Wine Festival

    Hi Gale- Any plans to make it back to Orlando for this year's Food and Wine Festival? Hope to see you again soon.
  2. unichef

    Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley (London)

    My wife and I dined here in March for our anniversary. It is a 2 (two) star Michelin restaurant. I recently read Devil in the Kitchen by Marco Pierre White and with all the emphasis on achieving the stars, I wanted to experience a Michelin restaurant for myself. We went for the Tasting Menu of...
  3. unichef

    Art Culinaire

    Anyone have any back issues of Art Culinaire they are willing to part with? Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you do.
  4. unichef

    searching for fruit compote ?? that was popular in the 70's. you let fruit sit

    Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ------------ -------------------------------- 4 oz Dried Apricots 4 oz Raisins 8 oz Dried Apple Slices 8 oz Dried Pears 1 c Honey...
  5. unichef

    Date Chef

    Does that guy on the top of the page in the date banner bug anyone else but me? If he's a chef, I'm Escoffier! I hate it when they use models as chefs. The little "poof" of hair sticking out from under the toque is always a dead giveaway. Nicko- that's not you, is it?!!
  6. unichef

    Culinary Olympics Results

    The results of the IKA Culinary Olympics are posted at if anyone is interested. Tomorrow is the last day when the National Teams winners will be announced.
  7. unichef

    Banana Sheets

    Has anyone ever heard of Banana Sheets? A guy at work told me about these sheets of pressed, dried bananas that resemble Nori except that they aren't black like that. He said they sell in oriental markets. ------------------ Mike Bersell, CEC [email protected]
  8. unichef

    Fruit Powders

    Does anyone use fruit powders? I need a good resource. ------------------ Mike Bersell, CEC [email protected]
  9. unichef

    Burns low-temp dishwashers?

    Never heard of that brand
  10. unichef

    Sushi Salmon

    Anyone know a good source for frozen sushi salmon? Every brand I have found uses MSG in the curing process. ------------------ Mike Bersell, CEC [email protected]
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