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  1. cj

    My breakfast's staring back at me!

    I slept in, missed church, so I figured I’d go really decadent & have a bowl of M&M's for breakfast. Some of the green ones have faces on them!! Checked the bag, no contest involved, but what a fun site! Any comments on the new color vote?
  2. cj

    Nuking Quiche

    I'm lousy with microwaves - anybody have any hints on microwaving individual pieces of quiche? When I try to get the widest section heated up, the narrower point gets too hot, but worst of all, the crust is soggy. So far I've tried high power and medium power for longer time. The last...
  3. cj


    I just received my first account application from a distributor. They demand my SS & Driver's License #, home address & phone (even though the business is incorporated). They also want a co-signer, authorization for a credit check, my business checking acct. # (& balance), business loan number...
  4. cj

    Excuse me -May I borrow a cup of experience?

    Hi everyone! I’m now one step away from owning the bakery (see “Mind if I crash?” in Beginner’s Forum), and I have the old recipes in hand. But I’m seeking advise from you experienced bakers. I’d like to try out the large recipes on a smaller basis before I commit lots of materials, but I’m...
  5. cj

    Hi - mind if I crash?

    Hi everyone I've been lurking around this site for a couple of days to get the feel of things & I'm finally brave enough to jump in! :) I'm not really sure what to say about myself at this point; I'm trying to buy a bakery and need all the help I can get! I've applied for an SBA loan but...
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