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    newbie in da' kitchen

    Hello, Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe !
  2. a_linedog

    What you DIDN'T Learn in School

    I didn't attend a culinary school, I've only aquired my knowledge through 20+ years of "hands-on" experience. I'll agree with Chefmikesworld about learning maintenance, a cook/chef will get themselfs out of more than less stressfull situations if the're capable of repairs. Anthony Bordain shares...
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    Hello and Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe ! I too enjoy listening to music.
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    Food Debate question

    rurias1, hello. IMHO learning harmony among ingredients is a skill that requires many hours of hands-on that many cooks or chefs learn through experimentaion; the guest being the ginnie-pig and hopefully an opinion with knowledge enough to help and not confuse us, some guest offer opions that...
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    Going to Ferrandi!

    Hello Austin, Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe ! Congradulations ! and best of luck !
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    Emigrating chef needs advice

    Hello, Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe !
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    Hello, Welcome to CTC !
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    New to Chef Talk and the Culinary Arts

    Hello Stewy, Welcome to Chef Talk Cafe !
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    a bit of a notice to all newbies to the culinary world

    KAYLINDA, Thank you for replying and "Yes" there are great places to work for and every kitchen is not the nightmare I refered to just realities of the way our (yours and mine) world is today. I am satisfied with my skills and knowledge in any kitchen which is where I attained those valuble...
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    a bit of a notice to all newbies to the culinary world

    Chef from Va, it is a good post, but I'm going to add to it, not to upset anyone or to disrespect ChefTalkCafe or the Food Service Industry. I love to cook good food for people, however I have ill feeling towards employers that want great cooks and chefs. A person new to this line of work also...
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    Hi there

    Hello and Welcome to CTC!
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    who cleans up in your kitchen?

    Since I have worked in small to large kitchens I'll do my best. Line Cooks clean the reach-ins, grills, broilers, cutting boards, plate shelfs and all the stainless-steel respective to their individual stations. Prep-Cooks will clean their immediate stations and all walk-ins, freezers, and dry...
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    Hello dbaker, welcome to Chef Talk Cafe !
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    Hello to you all it's a pleasure to meet you!

    Hi, I glad to hopefully meet you all. I have a little experience in kitchens and I like to feed people good food. I will try to do the best I can to learn and share experiences, strength, and realities about the food service industry. My Father was a Chef, my Mother a waitress, my Brother a line...
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