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  1. vloglady

    how to moisten cold pasta pesto ?

    I made a BIG batch of cold pasta pesto with chicken for avery large crowd. It will be served tonight at an event. When I get to the location and get ready to serve it, it might be kind of dry. How can I moisten it? Chicken broth? water? Cook's illustrated had an article and it said to put...
  2. vloglady

    keeping things cold question

    How cold does cooked food need to be? Cooked rice and chicken, cooked pasta and chicken. no dressing.
  3. vloglady

    neeps and tatties for 100

    HI, I've been asked to make the neeps and tatties for our Burns Night supper in January. They're buying the haggis from a place in New Jersey, and the rest of the evening is catered, so I don't have to worry about that. Now what would be a good recipe to use for the neeps and tatties? tatties...
  4. vloglady

    Poaching salmon in the oven???

    I have a recipe for poaching salmon in champagne on the stovetop, how can I adapt it for poaching in the oven? Basically, layer leeks and baby carrots in pan. Lay salmon fillets (I used steaks) on top of veggies. salt and pepper salmon. Pour a cup of champagne over all. cook 4 minutes, flip...
  5. vloglady

    need info on a manual pasta maker/machine

    A friend is considering purchasing one of those manual pasta machine, the kind that cranks out the sheets of pasta. He already has a Simiac machine, but wants the manual machine. Any info on what brand or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. vloglady

    leek and potato soup?

    I received some organic leeks and want to make a leek and potato soup, but no cream. Milk is okay. I did a search and there's so many recipes. Found a couple that sound okay, but I like a creamier soup. CAn I add some milk to the soup mixture? What about some cream cheese or sour cream to the...
  7. vloglady

    Adjusting creme brulee recipe?

    Hi. i need to make creme brulee for 5. I have the 1/2 cup dishes. But every recipe I find is for 4. It can be halved for 2, which is what I've done and it turns out beautifully. But next week I need to make 5 dishes. I really don't want to make 6 and just toss out 1/2 cup. Can the recipe for 4...
  8. vloglady

    I LOVE crusted fish

    But need some interesting recipes. Did a google search, nothing sends me. Possibly a sesame crusted tuna? anything else good and simple?
  9. vloglady

    Opinion on Morimoto's in Philly?

    I've been there twice. Liked the food, the dessert was so tiny, like a wafer in a pool of sauce. Definitely pass by the desserts. Any other opinions? I had the eggplant appetizer and the yellowtail, both amazing. My SO had the omakase, delish.
  10. vloglady

    Need nice dessert place in NYC

    Saturday, my SO and I are going to a Broadway show (probably Phantom or Mama Mia) and dinner afterwards. I want to treat for a nice dessert in the Times Square area. It doesn't have to be a restaurant-type place, can be just a nice ice cream parlor or something. But it has to be open late. We...
  11. vloglady

    need recipe for mushroom barley soup

    I need a recipe for mushroom barley soup that does not contain red meat. No beef, flanken, ribs, etc. Chicken stock is okay, as is veggie broth, but no red meat. I've done a google search, and all I've come up with is beef contained. Thanks.
  12. vloglady

    Cutco knives?

    I see some ones for good prices on Ebay. But they look too inexpensive to be that good. Have heard really good things about them. Why is Ebay so cheap? Thansk.
  13. vloglady

    large creme brulee?

    I need to make a large creme brulee, not in individual ramekins. I want to use a large 1 or 1 1/2 flat quart dish. Basic recipe, or a little kicked up. Been searching the net for a recipe that doesn't specify individual ramekins and having no luck. Is there a difference if I just put the whole...
  14. vloglady

    trying to make Pina colada creme brulee

    Can't find any recipes and I need some help please. Can probably add a bit of coconut and coconut extract to the base. What else can I do? Add a bit of chopped pineapple to the base too? Any ideas? Thansk.
  15. vloglady

    Morimoto's in Philly?

    I was there twice in June, loved it. My SO raved about the miso soup, I loved the eggplant appetizer. Beer was fantastic, and the place is just down the block from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Any other thoughts?
  16. vloglady

    doing a sushi gig?

    I'm bringing a large tray of sushi to a theater party. How far in advance can I make it? These are veggie maki rolls, no fish. Should I make the rolls the night before, not cut, cover with moist paper towel, not refrigerate? CArry to party, cut and arrange? Or cut and arrange at home, carry...
  17. vloglady

    Where to learn to make sushi in NY/NJ?

    My friend and I would like to take a class, just for ourselves, on making sushi. I've dabbled but want to learn more. Something like an adult ed course at a college would be perfect. New York/ New Jersey/ Manhattan area. any ideas? Thanks.
  18. vloglady

    can miso be frozen? or how stored?

    I bought a pound package of red miso paste to make miso soup. Just used a couple tablespoons. How can I store the rest of the package? I thought I saw something on TV about storing it, it lasts almost forever. But can it be frozen? Stored in tupperware?? Thanks.
  19. vloglady

    Grilled shrimp?

    I just got a recipe for grilled zucchini. Marinate, put two zuke rounds on a stick, grill. Could I put a couple of shrimp in between the zuke rounds? Marinate also. I have an Asian stove-top grill and a grill pan. Would these work? I'm doing a party Sunday and these would look really nice...
  20. vloglady

    green tea creme brulee?

    Anyone have a recipe? I saw this mentioned someplace.
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