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  1. danib

    Epoxy (and other?) floor reviews

    Please re-direct if there's a better place to post this topic! I'm working with a client in new construction (within a new building, going up now) and need a refresher: it's been a few years since I put a floor in! Quarry Tile: HATE IT, not interested Sheet Vinyl: have never used BOH, my...
  2. danib

    catering software reviews?

    I have a consulting client considering Caterease,  I've searched forums for various reviews over the years, but there's not much current about what people are using and love/hate.  All of my professional planning has been done with Mastercook, Excel, and lots of pencils. Pretty effective for...
  3. danib

    Hello from North Carolina!

    Hello from North Carolina! Former lurker, finally joining. So first, thanks for the good advice over the years! I look forward to even more insights and information from you, and hope I have something to add to the conversation. I have some pretty unique experience in the culinary and...
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