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  1. hubuk

    All About Roasting

    I was delighted by the new book by Molly Stevens called "All About Roasting". I thought I knew all about roasting until I picked up this book. I have been cooking roast dinners for more years than I care to remember so my expectations of learning anything new were very low. And I have to admit...
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  3. hubuk

    Marco Pierre White's Fish Pie

    Glad it's not just me either. I had never watched Nigella before so had deliberately sat down to see what I had been missing. I am still wondering what I had been missing! I don't go for sexy in the kitchen . . . not that I found her sexy! I don't suppose she would find me sexy either but then...
  4. hubuk

    Marco Pierre White's Fish Pie

    As I was recovering from an overdose of cooking programmes I decided to give it a miss. It seems to me that there are far too many second rate cooking programmes being created at the moment. I am glad I decided to miss this one. Think of a gimmick then make a programme around it seems to be the...
  5. hubuk

    Marco Pierre White's Fish Pie

    I made a point of watching it as I wanted to see what Marco Pierre White would be like . . . I had just finished reading his autobiography. A good read if that sort of thing interests you. I have also been watching the Raymond Blanc series The Restaurant on a Wednesday and Thursday night (makes...
  6. hubuk

    Marco Pierre White's Fish Pie

    This recipe for Marco Pierre White's Fish Pie from H e l l's Kitchen is not his actual recipe but I was so impressed with the simplicity of how he made it that I decided to create my own. Watching Marco Pierre White conduct his master classes on H e l l's Kitchen one thing was very obvious . ...
  7. hubuk

    Winter comfort food . . . Welsh Faggots

    This is correct but since caul is almost impossible to get hold of these days it has been dropped from the recipe. I don't know about the origins or the Italian name but I did receive an email some years ago about Fegatelli. This was what the email said:
  8. hubuk

    Winter comfort food . . . Welsh Faggots

    The word faggot has the same meaning in the UK although it has fallen into disuse. It is really a bit like the word gay which we no longer use to describe someone who is happy. Who starts these things. In the UK a fag has two meanings: a cigarette"Fag" was a term used for a junior boy who acted...
  9. hubuk

    Winter comfort food . . . Welsh Faggots

    If you like pate then you are going to like faggots. This is top class comfort food. I have all the ingredients in the house ready to make another batch in the next 24 hours. Mmmmm!
  10. hubuk

    Winter comfort food . . . Welsh Faggots

    I can still remember, when I was six or seven years old, travelling down to Ponterdawe in South Wales for the weekend to see my Grandmother. We would arrive just in time for lunch on a Saturday. She had a Bullmastiff dog called Gellert. The problem was she had always fed him titbits from the...
  11. hubuk

    Cooking vacations or culinary tours

    Having spent the last eighteen months helping people who organise cooking vacations or culinary tours to promote what they do I thought it was about time to check to see if I am heading in the right direction. (Even if you have never been on a cooking vacation or culinary tour I would be...
  12. hubuk

    Cooking holiday

    How many of this type of vacation have you been on? Or is this just a sweeping statement? What was the good point that Pete made? Are you referring to only three hours of cooking per day? Are you bearing in mind that these holidays are not for the professionals but for amateur home cooks who...
  13. hubuk

    Cooking holiday

    You are right. The key word is holiday. It is designed to be an experience and fun. :bounce:
  14. hubuk

    Cooking holiday

    I think they have asked me to host the week as they think my web site could pull in 12 fans that would like to meet me and spend a week in Italy with me! ;)
  15. hubuk

    Cooking holiday

    I have agreed to act as host for a week's cooking holiday in Tuscany this coming summer. Even though it will be a working holiday for me I think it will be a lot of fun with a great deal of satisfaction at the end of it. The reason for my post is to ask for opinions on what people think about...
  16. hubuk

    Indian Home Cooking

    A truly beautiful book . . . in all respects. It is beautifully put together with some of the best food photography I have seen. This compliments an excellent style of writing which is both easy to understand and very informative. Writing book reviews is to my mind always difficult, especially...
  17. hubuk

    Back and looking for opinions

    After a complete computer wipe out and a house move to the otherside of the country I have finally found my way back to Chef Talk. More impressive still, I managed to get my user name right on the second attempt and the password!!! Some of you might remember me from the last time I was on the...
  18. hubuk

    Top 10 Cooking / Recipe Books

    Can anyone name their top 10 choice of cooking / recipe books? If you can't name 10 that does not matter - jsut name however many you have. My current must have is Rick Stein's Seafood but, so soon after Christmas expenditure, at £25 will have to go on the wish list. It really is the business...
  19. hubuk

    New here, from Italy- Hi everyone!

    You wanted to know about Dosas so here it is: There are a number of recipes of Dosas using different ingredients in each one of them. This is the standard recipe served in restaurants: Sada Dosa or Plain Dosa 1 cup split black gram 3 cup rice 1 cup cooked rice* 1 tsp salt 1/2 fenugreek...
  20. hubuk

    For Suzanne Fass

    I just have to tell you I published the recipe for Bagna Cauda on my site over a year ago from my most prolific contributor, Shirley Cline, who lives in San Fransisco but whose family originally came from Piedmont. This is what was published: Bagna Cauda This is one of the recipes that has...
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