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  1. spicyjalebi

    Faux fondant?

    I have to do a faux/real combo wedding cake and am looking to see if I can cut some cost/effort/energy with a real looking faux fondant - poured or rolled - for the styro pieces.  Any ideas on a good substitute?  The cake it going to end up pink-ish so as long as the base isn't terribly dark...
  2. spicyjalebi

    Uses for squishy berries?

    Hey Gang - As I'm sure many of you do every night during service - and at least once a week for what I have in inventory - I pick out the squishy berries I have in stock and freeze them to use for coulis, jam, gelee and sorbet at some future date.  The problem is I'm sick of 4 berry coulis...
  3. spicyjalebi

    Watermelon maddness

    So summer is well upon us and I find myself growing more and more obsessed with my new watermelon sorbet.  It's fantastic, but I'm having trouble pairing it with something for service.  I'm thinking maybe a black tea sticky rice with some crushed walnuts might do it, but don't know how well...
  4. spicyjalebi

    Really really? That's what you're going to interview with?

    Mini rant: There's a new restaurant opening up near us and they're interviewing for the chef de cuisine position.  We happen to have a large kitchen, a slow week and a chef de cuisine who's friends with the new owners.  As such the interviewees are using our facilities to do their tasting menu...
  5. spicyjalebi

    Moroccan madness

    I went to Morocco - Casablanca, Marrakech and Fes - last summer and pretty much everywhere we went in Casablanca and Marrakech we'd get this amazing fresh bread and spicy tomato based dipping sauce with it.  I'm hoping to find a recipe for both. Unfortunately, at the time we didn't get the name...
  6. spicyjalebi

    Foam Display Cakes

    I'm going to be doing a bridal fair shortly and am looking to keep things simple and do the display cake(s) in foam rather than actual cake for once. However, I'm having a bit of a trial finding appropriately sized foam.  Michael's failed and requires a $250 minimum order, I'm...
  7. spicyjalebi

    Hey Hey!

    Hey All - I'm a pastry chef working out on the California central coast. This seems like an interesting spot to share tips, tricks and information with colleagues. Hope to talk to some of you soon. :) Peace, SpicyJalebi
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