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  1. realtorgourmand

    Kangaroo loin preparation

    I'm serving dinner for 6 on Saturday with a lean loin of Kangaroo as the centre dish. Only problem is I've never cooked it before! Ihave thought about charcoal grilling it - very hot fire - served sliced rare with different veggies and a risotto, but haven't quite worked out the meal plan - any...
  2. realtorgourmand

    Four Cheese pasta - why Fontina?

    Ok - my first post! While explaining to a guest that all my four cheese recipes (even "il cucchiaio d'argento) call for Fontina as the only "mandatory" cheese to include in "Maccheroni Ai Quattro Formaggi", I was stumped when he asked me "WHY?" I like to use something blue (prefer Gorgonzola)...
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