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  1. alicemae

    How is your garden doing?

    Mid-March here in brutal Minnesota and we're just starting our seedlings under lights and on heat pads ~ dreaming of spring. I'm living through all of your warm state posts and loving them. All of the pictures have already sent me off to the greenhouses around here to check progress. waiting...
  2. alicemae

    salting - do you shake or sprinkle?

    Hi Siduri ~ about that sea salt, I figured it out! Find a shaker with larger holes and hold it higher over the kettle or crock so it goes everywhere! JK, LOL, I'll still stick with my pinching from a small cup thing!! Just created a very large kettle of mmmmmmmmmm chili ~ here in Minnesota...
  3. alicemae

    salting - do you shake or sprinkle?

    I am a salt-aholic, maybe not good but true. Small bowls to pinch from, several shakers and even the cardboard jobs. After cooking mostly over kettles and crocks I've learned how the steam almost instantly clogs the shaker holes, hence, the pinching bowls. Also because sea salt is supposed to be...
  4. alicemae

    recipe for Wild Rabbit

    Your rabbit presentation is five star! I totally agree about the orange juice for curing. I do have a different twist for preparing rabbit though. After curing the rabbit (in orange juice) I brown the pieces slightly in a bit of olive oil and then submerge them in creamy mushroom soup in a slow...
  5. alicemae

    Grilled Cheese

    I don't think it's possible to ruin a grilled cheese sandwich. Mix cheeses, meats even tuna is delicious. I've been known to put last night's crock pot leftovers in a grill cheese sandwich for today's lunch!
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