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  1. ekinoderminator

    Sea Urchin recipes

    I am hoping some of you will share some recipes for sea urchin. I am crazy for urchin and in California we can take 35 per day. Usually I just eat it with sushi rice, nori, wasabi and shoyu.
  2. ekinoderminator

    pickled chanterelles

    I adapted my high school buddy's Italian Grandmothers pickled eggplant recipe for preservation of my chanterelles. I hope to get feedback from any willing to give it as to any ways I can improve upon this. Basically, I take vinegar (high acid ratio if I have it) and bring to a boil with equal...
  3. ekinoderminator

    16 or 18" fry pan - where can I find one?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of good quality big fry pans - non stick and stainless. Thanks.
  4. ekinoderminator

    Wild about mushrooms!

    Foraging mushrooms is great exercise for mind, body and spirit AND you get the additional bonus of bringing home the goods. This year has been good to me regarding my mushroom harvests. Soon Spring Kings (Boletus rex-veris) will be up in force. Here are a few pics of some key harvests during the...
  5. ekinoderminator

    Mushroom report - chanterelles, morels and soon Spring Kings!

    The SF Bay Area chanterelle season for 2010 was really good.. I tried baking them - turned out very nice and when vaccume packed this way it froze well. First I gave them a bath in olive oil, spring garlic, thyme, this wonderful citrus I don't know the name of and a few other ingredients...
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