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  1. chef angelica

    International Student Applying to LCB Ottawa

    Hello!!! follow your dreams and stay strong! All the good things come with work and effort! so keep it up!
  2. chef angelica

    should i enter in pastry school or culinary school?

    Excperience will come with time! That's nothing to worry about! Just follow your heart! Good Luck!!  
  3. chef angelica


    I'm one ay ago of finishing culinary school and start my Externship on Tuesday!! I'm gonna be doing it on Hyatt Regency in Downtown Greenville SC. Finally I'm getting excited and some what nervous! 
  4. chef angelica


    Thank you! I'm sure I will enjoy it! I already am! 
  5. chef angelica


    hola!! my name its Angelica Rosa im a culinary student 8 days away from finishing school!
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