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  1. eiron

    Stropping recommendations?

    Hi David, I'd say that if you're just transitioning over to a nicer sharpener and trying out stropping, keep it relatively simple and get some green CrO compound. I bought a Formax green block and it works amazingly well. Besides the waxiness of your compound, the face of your strop might play a...
  2. eiron

    Coffee - burr grinder and all of that

    I also drink my coffee black, so there's no masking of off flavors with cream or sweeteners. I'd say that yes, a decent burr grinder is definitely worth it. For me, the biggest advantage is controlling the grind size for the level of extraction you want. Too coarse and you don't extract all of...
  3. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    @Iceman sorry for the confusion. I didn't mean to imply that everyone's mistreating their knives. I was thinking more along the lines of daily-use-type abuse rather than the extreme case you experienced. (although I was surprised by that story!) Of the chefs I've talked with, most of them keep...
  4. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    Nothing specific. Everyone has their own criteria and I was curious what different things folks looked for. I make custom kitchen knives and I incorporate the things I feel are important into them: hard, tough steel that takes a super-sharp edge and holds it for a long time; thin and...
  5. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    Interesting knife. It uses softer, tougher steel but also has the appearance of soft cladding. Is this actually layer-cladded, or an etched pattern?
  6. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    What that says to me is that affordability and toughness are more important than expensive, hard blades, which makes sense in a commercial kitchen. Knives that get abused all day long (and thrown across the room?!?) will require less work to maintain a daily dulled edge than constantly repairing...
  7. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    LOL, yes. How do you ensure this feature remains a constant on your knives? And do you have a preferred steel material and/or hardness, and a preferred edge angle?
  8. eiron

    Honing steel recommendation for AUS-8 and VG-10 knives

    If you're looking for something to use on these softer knives while traveling, I'd suggest the Spyderco medium ceramic bench stone. I like/use this when traveling because it's compact/easy to pack (has its own case), and you can use it dry or with a splash-&-go wetting (I use water with mine). I...
  9. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    Another question: what do you mean by a "true" distal taper? Do you mean there are some makers that claim a distal taper but don't actually have one? Or have some type of 'modified' distal taper? Just curious.
  10. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    Do you have certain steel(s) you look for, or just those that meet your HRc and geometry/design requirements? Does "minimal contour" mean something like a wa handle or simple slabs of wood on a full tang (like Warther uses), but done in synthetic materials (G10/micarta)?
  11. eiron

    I believe the world is a better place when functional things are also beautiful

    I believe the world is a better place when functional things are also beautiful
  12. eiron

    What "features" do you look for in a kitchen knife?

    There are so many nuances in the design and fabrication of any knife! I was just reading thru one of the posts on knife steel (S35VN) and started to wonder what folks here prize most when picking a new knife. Do you base it all on specs? Or appearance? Or do you "have to pick it up to know"...
  13. eiron

    What Ever Happened To A Thank You?

    Having been a waiter, I thought I   was tough on judging service! I take it you folks have not waited tables yourselves? I'm not defending rude behavior by any means (and I'm not sure 'waiter banter' fits into kaneohegirlinaz's intent of sending personalized thanks), but shouldn't tipping be...
  14. eiron

    New knife as a culinary student

    I agree with getting the Shun repaired & keeping the Mercer for heavy-duty tasks that might damage the harder, more brittle Shun, & getting a decent stone to keep both knives sharp. I know, not as much fun as buying a new knife. :-) But your tastes will change as you progress thru school, &...
  15. eiron

    what's re about refrigerator?

    So-o-o-o-o .... ?? You can trace the etymology back to the 1600s, and then .... what? What's the history of the term at that point in time? (And what was a "refrigeratory" in the 1600s?)  I do recall the term "frigidarium" (along with caldarium and tepidarium) from the Roman baths, but what...
  16. eiron

    cutting board advice

    Hi Alex, Edge grain wood (all of your examples) is much, much better for your knife edges than your bamboo board. (Bamboo uses lots of hard epoxies to hold everything together.) Harder woods are going to wear your edges faster than softer woods, & something like Teak (not in your list) is going...
  17. eiron

    Help please, my Wusthof sharpener is making my Global knives blunter

    I really can't tell from any online info, but I'm not convinced that the Ikon sharpener is designed for the low angles of Ikon edges. (It almost appears to be named for its Ikon styling rather than its sharpening angle.) My preference would be to use one of Wusthof's 'Asian Edge' sharpeners...
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