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  1. butt3r_chick3n

    Northwest Culinary Institute in Vancouver

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you had heard about this school and what your thoughts are on it. In particular, I was looking at their 4 month culinary program. I know VCC is the main school to go to in BC (pretty much everyone I've worked with went there) but after spending 5 years...
  2. butt3r_chick3n

    How do hotel jobs pay compared to rest.?

    I've been working in restaraunts for 4 years now and am only making around 10 an hour. However, I've been talking to other cooks and they suggested hotels. The work is apparently a little harder and the hours are longer (I can't imagine hours longer then from 3-1am or 2am which is what I'm used...
  3. butt3r_chick3n

    Working Interview

    Hey guys, I have a working interview/staging that I have to do tommorow night, and I was wondering if you have any tips/advice on what to do and wear. They said that they'd be providing the jacket and pants, etc. but should I go there in informal clothes before I change or stick to nicer...
  4. butt3r_chick3n

    Berghoff Knives

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a decent and not too expensive set of knives to use, and I found these to be affordable. Anyone ever use them before and know how well they work? Thanks. :)
  5. butt3r_chick3n

    Keeping face clean in kitchen

    I was wondering if anyone else here has the problem or knows the solution to keeping your face clean while working in a kitchen. I seem to break out with pimples when I work, and they clear up when I'm not. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. butt3r_chick3n


    Hi, How long would any of you say it would take to work you way up from say 8-10 dollars an hour into the 20 dollar range? Or is that even possible? If it is, what sort of experience and position do you need to be in to do this? Thanks. :)
  7. butt3r_chick3n

    Cooking Abroad

    I'm thinking of eventually moving from working in Canada to Europe, but I really don't have any idea of how to do that. Does anyone have anything that I should know, such as their job trends in the field, good places of employment, how hard it is to get in, etc etc. Thanks in advance, and any...
  8. butt3r_chick3n

    Value of degree

    I'm currently getting a Degree from SFU with a major in history right now, and was wondering how much value it will hold alongside a formal education in the culinary arts as well. In other words, will this degree help me at all in getting hired or increased pay?
  9. butt3r_chick3n


    Anyone know good schools in the Vancouver BC area that offer good apprenticeship programs, and how they work? Any info would be great. :)
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