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  1. benway

    4 Lunch Challenge

    I got into cooking for the same reason anyone my age did: to impress girls.  I accidently loved it and got carried away with a career in haute cuisine but on occasion I still get the opportunity to impress a lady and such an opportunity has presented itself next week. I have next week off, and...
  2. benway

    Purple Asparagus and "Kogane" topping

    So for Easter I made a side dish consisting of purple asparagus halved and grilled and topped with bacon "kogane" topping.  It was delicious and I'll explain the topping below but I've got a question for those who know their way around purple asparagus. The stuff turns green when cooked!  I...
  3. benway

    Cheap Saffron

    On my last shopping spree at the Asian market, I picked up a 1/2 oz package of "Azafran" for $2.  As you might have guessed this wasn't the meticulously separated bright red threads that you pay 50 times more for.  The cheap stuff definitely isn't pure, it had yellow junk mixed in with the red...
  4. benway

    Secret to THICK mayo

    Recently I had the pleasure of dining in a Japanese steakhouse that served shrimp covered in "Kogane" sauce.  This was a thick yellow egg sauce that is used in blobs to top butterflied shrimp who are then squirted with brandy and covered.  The sauce steams and the result is a firm, impossibly...
  5. benway

    Another Day in the Life of a Salmon Fisherman

    Last night was bittersweet.  Shortly after consumption of the celebratory bottle of champagne the crew of the Star Wind found themselves riding in the trough being pummeled by ten foot seas.  The moqueca I’d prepared was hastily replaced with Dramamine.  Last night one of our sets was so massive...
  6. benway

    A day in the life of an Alaskan fisherman

    Sleeping on a fishing vessel isn’t like any other sleep one might ever experience.  Crammed up in the bow are four awkward bunks by which accommodation is not unlike sleeping in a large drawer--if that drawer was separated from the Alaskan waters by a thin fiberglass hull.  Despite the...
  7. benway

    Hard Cheese

    I'm looking for a hard cheese that can be shredded and baked into a crunchy chip like is often done with parmesan.  The catch is that I'm looking for delicate flavor, bland even.  Any cheese experts out there who can send me in the right direction?
  8. benway

    Blue food

    Our chef gave us these rules the other day: "Never a straight line, never an even number, and no blue food." I don't know where he got this (maybe one of you dinosaurs has heard it before ;)) Anyways I'm attempting to make a legitimate dish that violates all of his rules. The first too are...
  9. benway

    Knife blister

    I started a new job this week and on my first day for whatever reason I left my knives in the car not knowing whether I'd need them. When we had a break I ran out and got them but in the meantime I was lent one. The knife was very dull and after an hour or so of having to muscle my way through...
  10. benway

    How to make this pizza?

    My father has been going on buisness trips to Florida and every time he comes back he talks about this pizza place (Gio's) I believe. He's totally smitten by this pizza. On the menu its listed as "Pizza Margherita" but what makes it unusual is that there is little or no cheese seen on the...
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