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    checking someone's math......

    I used to work at a country club, and I can't speak for others but we definitely cared about food cost. Factoring in the fixed overhead and labour cost of maintaining the golf course itself, food cost is one of the few areas that can be reduced and controlled effectively. As for the canapes...
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    scrub the griddle?

    Quote: Yea, last kitchen I worked at used something similar. Made cleaning the flat top so much easier (no grill brick needed :D), took 5 minutes and looked brand new after :D
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    How do you "hold" sauces?

    My current work holds its sauces in a bain marie for during dinner service. Rest of the day it's kept in the fridge to be heated to order. Alfredo is also kept in the bain marie and usually keeps well, just make sure to keep it covered and stir occasionally.
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    Are Chefs Abusive?

    Worked for yellers and screamers before and it takes a lot of the energy out of the kitchen whenever the chef walks into the kitchen. It's almost like everyone is so afraid of fucking up that they forget how to cook.
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    Northwest Culinary Institute in Vancouver

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you had heard about this school and what your thoughts are on it. In particular, I was looking at their 4 month culinary program. I know VCC is the main school to go to in BC (pretty much everyone I've worked with went there) but after spending 5 years...
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    oh brother.. another one down!

    So friggin true, you basically end up covering for both your work and his/hers
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    Real Chef?

    Oh man, I've done that way too many times as well. First time I did it I was like "What the ****? Why is my hand on fire?".
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    How do hotel jobs pay compared to rest.?

    Thanks for the advice. One of my friends mentioned something similar about the seniority in unions. Apparently the higher ups who've been there 15 or so years don't want to have some new up and comer competing for their jobs and so try to make everything done their way. Catering sounds...
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    How do hotel jobs pay compared to rest.?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I was talking with another co-worker the other night and he mentioned that hotels have a lot of politics bs that you have to deal with. Also, apparently most/all of the hotels where I am are unionized (Vancouver, BC). I think I might still try it for the...
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    How do hotel jobs pay compared to rest.?

    Ohhh, nice. I hate doing breakfasts, usually because I'm not a morning person. Eggwhite omlettes make me hulk angry too. >:|
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    How do hotel jobs pay compared to rest.?

    Interesting. I need to do some more research later (have to go to work in a bit), but do you know what sort of salary is expected (like by position)? PS. Out of curiousity, what is a champion egg cook? :P
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    How do hotel jobs pay compared to rest.?

    I've been working in restaraunts for 4 years now and am only making around 10 an hour. However, I've been talking to other cooks and they suggested hotels. The work is apparently a little harder and the hours are longer (I can't imagine hours longer then from 3-1am or 2am which is what I'm used...
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    Working Interview

    Thanks for the advice. I thought it was odd as well that he picked a Saturday night, but I think he knows that I won't be able to do much since I don't know all of the menu items yet. I'll just try to help where I can I suppose and watch I learn when I can't. And yeah, I think I'll wear my...
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    Working Interview

    Hey guys, I have a working interview/staging that I have to do tommorow night, and I was wondering if you have any tips/advice on what to do and wear. They said that they'd be providing the jacket and pants, etc. but should I go there in informal clothes before I change or stick to nicer...
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    Knife storage question

    Yeah, I use a roll up carry case, but I still got some guards anyways because I didn't want to rip the mesh. I got mine from HOS, and the one by my house has ones for wider blades.
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    Corporate or classical......

    Sounds exactly like the one I work in. :P
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    advice on new stove

    I hate smooth top stoves, they never seemed to heat fast enough. :S Personally I prefer a gas stove though.
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    Berghoff Knives

    THanks for the replies guys. I've tried out a few in my kitchen, and the ones I liked the most were the forschener and the henckels. It ended up being a toss up between the two but I ended up getting the latter because there was a sale for them at a store by my house. :) As for sharpening I...
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