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  1. thegardenguru

    A "balanced" menu

    I'm just starting to put together some thoughts on this subject and, at this point, it's quite broad.  I'm not sure where it will go or where it needs to go. What do you think of as the most important elements and factors of achieving balance in a restaurant menu?  Design/art of the piece of...
  2. thegardenguru

    Keys to being a Great Chef

    There was a great thread on the subject of "What it takes to be a great chef". I've searched and can't find it now. Help? Joe
  3. thegardenguru

    Three entrees, 75 people, $300

    The school district has asked me to offer my culinary students up for making part of a special event in a couple of weeks. The stats: make 3 hot entrees for 75 people for under $300. The high school cooking students are doing three salads and someone else is bringing desserts.  Yep, this is...
  4. thegardenguru

    Flan for quantity

    Does anyone have a topnotch recipe for flan in a pan, to feed 16 to 24? Thanks, Joe
  5. thegardenguru


    I'm Joe (thegardenguru). I'm a former restaurant chef, a special events caterer and I teach cooking at various levels for the colleges and community programs in my area. My most popular class is entitled "The Epicurean Kitchen Garden", where I teach gardeners how to cook and cooks how to...
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