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  1. badbarbara

    can i re-use old cooking oil

    Personally, I'd say bin (or send for recyling) cooking oil looses much of its unsturated beta bonds during heating, so become less oil like and more saturated fat - I could put up with this, but I would be more worried about the increase in free radicals and the potential harm they might do. If...
  2. badbarbara

    Need to buy a couple pots and pans Suggestions?

    I received a set of LeCreuset tri-ply stainless steel pans as an aniversary gift from my ex - I would have given them back when we split - but they are waaay too good for that. Babs.
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  4. badbarbara

    Most overrated and underrated proteins

    Personally, i believe that the most underrated protein source here in the UK is rabbit. Lean and healthy but it's so far out of the mainstream. 3 rabbits per two people makes a great meal.
  5. badbarbara

    KIlled and dressed my own Chickens today

    Wow, I'm impressed, there is something very grounding about killing and preparing your own food. IT reminds me of killing trout my father had caught. I think more people should be killingtheir own food because I think it will breed more respect for the providence of our food while bringing us...
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    We hello, not sure if I'm inthe right place as I'm defiantely an amateur but I am keen and recent changes in my life have meant that I've grown out of mummy cooking and into entertaining ina big way - and I'm loving it. Hope to get plenty of great tips and it'll be great if I can help some of...
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