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  1. gxtxa

    Necessary Repertoire

    Chef Batali,      I'm a student of Culinary Arts in Hawaii, and I've always had a fascination with Italian cooking -- I suppose a subconscious escape from Escoffier!  I'm not Italian by heritage, but I have many Italian family members through marriages, so I have many "family" recipes. ...
  2. gxtxa

    Chefs' Shoes

    I also have to go with Shoes for Crews. They offer a wide line of different styles (personally, I like the Panther II) at very reasonable prices and they're all quite comfortable. Oh, and I always spring for the Dr. Scholl's gel heel inserts for added comfort. They extend the life of the...
  3. gxtxa

    Pairing wine with lasagna

    I have to agree with the Sangiovese. Rocca della Macie makes a nice one that's not too expensive.
  4. gxtxa

    Olive Garden's Minestrone

    For those who asked: Broth: --garlic, onion, celery, tomatoes seasoned with basil, oregano, and wine (pinot noir) Vegetables: --green beans, kidney beans, white beans, spinach, zucchini, cabbage, and carrots) ...and don't forget the shell pasta (par boil, then add to the soup)!
  5. gxtxa

    Your cleavers for everything.

    Chef Richard Hahn formerly of the US Cold Competition Olympic Team just did a demo at my school. He was using his Chinese Cleaver like it was his right hand. I just thought that was quite interesting, as well, someone even asked him about his habit. He just said "its light, sharp, and...
  6. gxtxa

    best brand of knives

    My entire set is Global as listed below, and I love every one of them: 8" French Chef's7" Santoku (hollow ground)Japanese Cleaver3-1/4" Paring5" Santoku (better grip for larger paring jobs, and cleaning meat)4-3/4" Utility (think of it as my pocket knife -- plastic bags, cans, etc)7" (?) Forged...
  7. gxtxa

    Homemade French Fries

    you'd probably still get a slightly soggy fry, but not nearly as bad as you would not flipping em. also, if you get a very coarse rock salt, the amount of salt on the fry after cooking would be negligible. like i said, its all just helping with the airflow. still, flipping them is worth a...
  8. gxtxa

    Homemade French Fries

    Due to the amount of water in potatoes, I recommend laying the slices on a bed of rock salt (do this with baked potatoes, too, scoring the top for moisture release). When you leave them just laying there with no air circulation on all sides, you'll end up steaming them, creating soggy fries (or...
  9. gxtxa

    Homemade French Fries

    As far as the convection oven, about a 50 degree reduction works. That's what I've found at least.
  10. gxtxa

    Making a list of regional specialties

    Hawaii: Loco Moco (2 scoops rice, 2 scoops mac salad, 2 eggs any, 2 hamburger steaks, and gravy) Various other Plate Lunches (lmao)
  11. gxtxa

    Delayed Hello

    So, this may be a slightly delayed introduction on my part, but better late than never, eh? So, without further ado, here'goes: My name is Geoffrey. I'm a culinary student at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific. I'm working on my A.S. degree in Culinary Arts with hopes of making my way to...
  12. gxtxa

    Great little recipe software program

    I've used multiple Recipe DBs, including Cook'n, MasterCook, Recipe Master, as well as word processors, etc. I have to say of all of them Living Cookbook is my favorite. It very easy to use with lots of nice features (nutritional analysis, searches by many criteria, menu planning, and shopping...
  13. gxtxa

    online recipe sites?

    It's not so much a recipe site as it is a class webpage, but check out www2. hawaii. edu/~fleake/escoffiersummer. If you click on the "modules" link on the side of the page, then select your desired module (meats, vegetables, etc), finally, select the "Lecture Notes" link for the selected...
  14. gxtxa

    Tuscan soup at Olive Garden

    I'm an ex-Olive Garden employee, and the first recipe displayed was just about spot on. The only thing to note is that the potatoes are Yukons. They have a higher starch content and stand up to the long simmering time. Else, everything here is correct. I'm also willing to share any other OG...
  15. gxtxa

    A book for professional cooking basics?

    I agree with CampChef. Culinary Fundamentals by the ACF is my top recommendation. It goes through the basics (to include a little bit of nutrition and sanitation) of knife skills, cooking methods, etc. It has practical applications inside for you to work out at your own leisure (I really...
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