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  1. k.a

    Everyday Pancakes

    yummy thanx
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  3. k.a

    Im ****ing Starving!

    yummy yummy thanx
  4. k.a

    Mini Burger

    thank you very much :o
  5. k.a

    Mini Burger

    hay everbody how to make the MINI BURGER??? give me a simple way to make it .. plz :o
  6. k.a

    Turkish kofte (meatballs)

    its delicious with arebian bread also with rice try a taboulah it is a lebaneis sald parsley onien and tometo cut small and somting name is burgl .. lemon juse and salt olive oil that for drising
  7. k.a

    Moroccan Chicken

    yaeh I know it .. but I dont like it :o .. I dont like any kind of food come sweet and salty in same time :) .. My sistar make the Bastilla .. and she make it good thanx my dear :) ..
  8. k.a

    Moroccan Chicken

    a regular one but I served in moroccan tajin
  9. k.a

    Moroccan Chicken

    Moroccan Chicken it is a traditional dish in Morocco .. enjoey :) Ingredients: 1 tbsp. oil 8 small chicken pieces (skinned) 1 can x 300g boiled chickpeas (rinsed and drained) 1/4 cup dried apricots (chopped) 1 onion (finely chopped) 1 garlic clove...
  10. k.a

    What are your favorite simple sandwich recipes?

    I like the turkey sandwich and my way to make it I toast some bread in a pan than put butter in poth side than mayonis and slice chess and a lettuce and mustard than a 2 slices if turkey finally I turn bake to tah pan :)
  11. k.a

    What is your favorite thing to cook?

    I like to gril :)
  12. k.a

    about afrench menu !!

    hi how to make it ?? :o
  13. k.a

    about afrench menu !!

    thanx 4 Reply .. the sauce comes white to yallow with herbs :)
  14. k.a

    Cheeseburger in Paradise

    thanx 4 support me :o yes i mean the second way i think its called napoli burger :lips:
  15. k.a

    about afrench menu !!

    kuan thanx :)
  16. k.a

    about afrench menu !!

    thanx 4 corricting me :lol: thats excatly what i meant .. NY strip steak ..does it come with sauce ???? :lips:
  17. k.a

    about afrench menu !!

    hi chefs in whole world :chef: i wante ask about the inter coute .. how do you make it ?? :) thanx
  18. k.a

    Cheeseburger in Paradise

    I like burger in the italin way :) and idont know how to make it :(
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