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  1. bughut

    Scotsboro..Lost luggage shopping

    I'll be in Alabama the last week in September and I hear the lost luggage outlet is THE place to shop. Im wondering if it really is as good as it sounds. Have any of you been there?
  2. bughut

    smoker newbie doing my first pork butt

    I've been inspired by the pork challenge and Pork butt is on the menu tomorrow and I'm nervous for a few reasons A) its the first time I've used the new bbq B) Never smoked before  C) Dont have a thermometer for the bbq D) conflicting advice as to how much wood to use and how long to soak...
  3. bughut

    Cognac ...

    Birthdays and Christmas, my family and friends know what to buy me, but apart from drinking it and making sauces and pates, how do i use it? I love Cognac, but dont know how to make the best of it in recipes. I would appreciate some help.
  4. bughut

    Burma teak care

    In my new kitchen i am lucky to have Burma teak worktops. They come from the veterany college in Edinburgh when they were dismantling the laboratory benches. The teak was being thrown out!!!!  Its at least 140 years old and im hoping you guys can help me look after it...Its goin to get splashed...
  5. bughut

    sad but true...en France

    70 yds of black plastic and beyond the hazelnut and pear trees another 25yds, Just laid it and weighted down with demolition debris from the house The 400yr old wreck of a house we bought last year came, as it often does, with a huge skelp of land and as im only here for 2 weeks, every 6-8...
  6. bughut

    rose bananas. from Equador..any ideas on how to use them?

    I'm in France for a fortnight. Bought 2 rose bananas Equador label on them... never heard of them before. they're very starchy. A bit like plantains, brown skin. Would i use them the same way? Chap in Carrefour supermarket sez they're good for desserts??? tried adding a pic, but tech out here...
  7. bughut

    summer kitchen

    What you see here is 400 years old and its part of my garden in Le Pas. Pays-de-la-loire France which i want to make into a summer kitchen. I wasnt sure whether to simply post here now n again as I progress, or to start a blog, the intricacies of which i know sod all about...kind of my status on...
  8. bughut

    insect hotels

    What a great idea to help the bees and other beasties our gardens need. Ive just found out there are such things and what a fabulous idea. Im in the process of building one and ill post when i'm finished. When i googled insect hotels and clicked on images, i was gobsmacked at the amazing...
  9. bughut

    dry goods and use by dates

    I'll be interested to hear views on keeping dry goods like pasta, rice, flour etc. past the manufacturers use by date. At work its down the line of course. Environmental health make the rules and we stick by them. At home i certainly do not. I have it on good authority that, so long as, say...
  10. bughut please

    Why does Starbucks keep interrupting and why can't i make it go away. 
  11. bughut

    what's the best koudos u got

    you know you're  brilliant in the eyes of your customers. They know you can do stuff they can't .  Whats the best koudos you ever got
  12. bughut

    time difference blues

    I'm enjoying your posts and likewise, I'm enjoying reacting and adding my stuff.  I am fortunate that i get to be in America every year. This year it will be October. I love being able to be in the same time zone as most of you. No more waiting till morning for an answer to a problem, or seeing...
  13. bughut

    cooking but not for eating

    Aloe vera...about 10 of the thickest, darkest green leaves. The bigger the better. Spikes removed and cut up roughly into a cup of olive oil or coconut oil.  Heat gently till all the goodness has left the leaves and they are dark. takes about an hour. Strain and use as body lotion. (not in the...
  14. bughut

    honey ingredient to simply enjoy without any culinary additions

    In the UK we have bog-standard mangoes in the supermarkets, but come July and August, the indian and halal shops ( of which we are lucky enough to have many) stock decorated boxes of honey mangoes. They are sold by the box of 12. Each one in its own lovely tissue pouch, decorated with colourful...
  15. bughut

    white asparagus...'tis the season?

    I'm a white asparagus newbie and not a happy one. Living in France a lot of the year now I was able to grab me a super fresh bundle this spring and after peeling, boiling and dousing in butter, was left wondering what all the fuss was about. I know, Bloody heathen Eh? Husband loved it, as did...
  16. bughut

    e cigarettes

    Stopped smoking 3 weeks ago today. For the first time in so many times I'm finding it relatively easy. The e cigs are giving me the nicotine that the patch and chewing gum did, but im getting a hand to mouth thing too. Whatever your thoughts on the subject, I'm not smoking and that's got to be...
  17. bughut


    Bought a marked down 4 lb Smoked gammon joint today for £4. $6? and wanted some new way of cooking it. I've tried the cocacola one and was not impressed and many others, but now, I have truly found the ultimate...And It works like a charm ...3 ingredients 1) Slow cooker pre heated on low ( in...
  18. bughut

    No. 2 son got married. I now have a permanent link with the USA

    We live in Scotland and holiday in USA most years. We love being there. Good job OH gets mega air miles with his job In Africa as we were out there twice this year, as we also had an amazing fall wedding to attend this October Our middle son met a lovely girl from Ohio when she was studying at...
  19. bughut

    looking for help with a French cookbook and/or country french recipes

    I've never been into French cuisine and I still have no interest in cordon bleu. (I'm a heathen I know) I do, however, now have a desire to learn more about French country/peasant food and I'm having no luck finding the right books. In particular, Northern regional cuisine. It's a pretty...
  20. bughut

    Karma, greed and the NewYork cheesecake

    Tubs of various creams were being reduced to silly money, pennies and I greedily hauled the majority into my trolley...Well christmas is coming, its bound to be useful... ...2 busy days later I remember the cream and an evening i had planned went out the window...I had to use this bloody cream...
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