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  1. cstanford

    Dealing with culinary student loan debt and still work at a line cooks wage

    Go on an income-based repayment plan and I'd bet your student loans will be half or less than half of what you're paying now.
  2. cstanford

    Horrible Fly Problem in Restaurant Need HELP!

    Has to have something to do with the field next to your place. Your problem may not be solvable without a move.
  3. cstanford

    Studying Business vs Culinary School

    And who are you going to leave your culinary education up to, whoever happens to hire you? You could float around for years working for hack after hack having wasted a whole lot of time. Yes, you can teach yourself a lot, but you can't teach yourself what a dish or a preparation is supposed to...
  4. cstanford

    Kilts in the kitchen?

    Chefs' attire is loose (but not overly so) for a reason. Now you know why. Any close-fitting apparel like jeans, tight fitting shirts, etc. or none at all (shorts, kilts, or whatever exposes bare skin) will result in the worst burns, especially hot grease splatters and the like. It holds the...
  5. cstanford

    Preparation for "Chopped" Challenge

    I've seen the show and often wondered why the participants needed any more challenge in their careers than keeping their own restaurants open and profitable. It seems a healthy percentage owned their own places. I guess they thought if they could advertise that they had won "Chopped" that...
  6. cstanford

    Fruit tarts

    You said "three days, minimum." Not doable, unless it's some hacked up facsimile of a fresh fruit tart. .
  7. cstanford

    Kilts in the kitchen?

    One endeavors to expose less skin in a kitchen rather than more and hopefully for obvious reasons. Kilts in the kitchen is an idea absurd on its face. The inevitable very bad 2nd if not 3rd degree burns will convince management that it was a bad idea. Maybe it would work in an ice cream shop.
  8. cstanford

    Garde Manger to Saute job...

    That's a good menu for a first-time saute position IMO -pretty classic stuff for the most part. You shouldn't have any trouble.
  9. cstanford

    Following my ambition, tell me what to know for day 1

    If you don't cut or burn yourself severely the first day it will have been a success. Move within yourself. Don't look like an octopus falling out of a tree.
  10. cstanford

    Opening A Bistro For The FIrst Time Need Advice

    Make and refrigerate. It tastes better on day two a lot of times anyway. Reheat portions, obviously not the entire batch. Reheat with a little stock added, but stock that you've brought to a full rolling boil first right before you reheat the portion. You obviously need to refrigerate in...
  11. cstanford

    The $200 Continental

    We need to chip in and mail you a check for $200 if you'll just tell the guy to fuc# off. Utterly ridiculous.
  12. cstanford

    Boss wants me to help develop method and train, feeling under paid (12/hr)

    Yeah, it was a bizarre comment. "Just a coffee shop..." Maybe you're thinking all-night diner/hash house. I'm thinking of something a little more upscale though don't know for sure. "Coffee shops" have gotten pretty swank in the last 20 years or so in case you haven't noticed. $12 an hour...
  13. cstanford

    Struggling cook

    I'd like to know the last five dishes you cooked at home that represented a stretch for you or that you needed to learn a new skill/technique or refine what you thought might be a weak skill. If you aren't cooking kick-ass food at home, you're not perfecting your craft.  Period.  If you can't...
  14. cstanford

    Just had a customer order a Beef Tenderloin well done.

    Too wonderful for words.... My advice would be to buy some Ryan's Family Steakhouse gift certificates and hand them out when this happens... as you usher them out the door.   Good God, you certainly don't want them coming back.  Most of these idiots order iced tea to drink (shouldn't even be...
  15. cstanford

    Just had a customer order a Beef Tenderloin well done.

    Why compromise your craft for a buffoon?  All restaurants refuse service to some clients for one reason or another.  If these rare occurrences are going to break the bank then you might as well put a bankruptcy attorney in your Rolodex.  It's all over but the crying.
  16. cstanford

    Just had a customer order a Beef Tenderloin well done.

    Screw that.  Tell them you won't cook a beautiful piece of meat like that past medium (hell, if even there), if they don't like it hit the bricks.  So what if word gets around? Business would probably pick up.
  17. cstanford

    European Knives VS Japanese Knives in a Professional Setting

    Quote: What a humongous load of BS on so many levels it leaves me at a loss for further words.  You need a career do-over in some real kitchens is all I can come up with at the moment.
  18. cstanford

    just starting as "sous chef"

    You understand it's not a professional, high quality kitchen.  You're just going to have to figure out for yourself whether the ownership group really wants it to be one (or can afford it). If they say the do and the money is not a problem, then the obvious question is why is it in such sad...
  19. cstanford

    A Chefs Challenge

    Starches, as have been mentioned. 
  20. cstanford

    Did you ever work outside your native country ?

    France.  I became fluent but was already fair when I got there. If you pick one place to go, this is it.  Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.  It's still Mecca.
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