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  1. benway

    Cooking meat at boiling point

    Sous vide of corned beef?  Sounds like that would take a week. Anyways, the ultimate example of what this thread is about is meat cooked in a pressure cooker.  In any other situation, the water inside the meat can only get to 212--in a pressure cooker it can get much higher on the inside.  This...
  2. benway

    4 Lunch Challenge

    Sorry guys, WI was a tropical paradise last week and I just couldn't bring myself to sit inside and type until now!  Anyways here's a rundown of the rest of the week's menus: Wednesday: Vegetarian Sushi (as suggested by Petals) One of the things I really wanted to make last week was a...
  3. benway

    4 Lunch Challenge

    Well lunch one just wrapped up.  I had an unexpected interview this morning that ate up most of my prep and shopping time so I had to improvise a little. The menu consisted of: la mian chinese hand-pulled noodles, truffled vegetable consomme, and smores. I make la mian every week so it just...
  4. benway

    4 Lunch Challenge

    Less rustic.  I enjoy cooking classics on my days off and hence why I like this board but in general my food is very contemporary.  That said whatever I serve is going to look like food, not trying to freak her out right away. cheflayne, thanks for the input.  Sounds like the vegetarians don't...
  5. benway

    4 Lunch Challenge

    Now we're talking.  I've got to admit though I've never considered vegetarian sushi before.  Rolls are easy enough.  Any suggestions for nigiri type sushi toppings?  My first reaction would be to get out the mandoline and top with some vegetable carpaccio. Keep the suggestions rolling in!
  6. benway

    4 Lunch Challenge

    Good food no doubt team although I'm thinking a lot less... rustic. Also, lets steer clear of things like bean burgers.  I'm a firm believer against vegetarian food that is just a worse version of a meat dish.
  7. benway

    4 Lunch Challenge

    I got into cooking for the same reason anyone my age did: to impress girls.  I accidently loved it and got carried away with a career in haute cuisine but on occasion I still get the opportunity to impress a lady and such an opportunity has presented itself next week. I have next week off, and...
  8. benway

    Deep Frying at Home Question

    Electric deep fryers are very cheap get good results.  If you don't fry often though or frequently have to change oil (after seafood, etc) then I like to use a wok.  The round bottom of a wok allows you to use a lot less oil.
  9. benway

    Sushi Grade Salmon and Parasites

    I did salmon seining in Alaska the past few summers.  Parasites are a certain danger in wild salmon and I personally know people that have tried making sushi without freezing the salmon first and gotten their crew sick.  That said, I routinely froze our fish and prepared it raw with no trouble...
  10. benway

    Need help with octopus tapas

    The wine cork thing is a funny old story, but I really don't think there is any truth to it.  Your cooking time needs to be much much longer.  The best thing you can do for your octopus is to get yourself a pressure cooker.  It speeds up those long cooking times and drastically works on that...
  11. benway

    Calling All Food Experts!

    What are some top trends in F&B innovation? People are gaining awareness on modernist technique and realizing that you don't have to be a biochemist to use these odd ingredients or methods.  Ingredients previously confined to industrial food applications are easier and easier to come by within...
  12. benway

    Duck Help

    Not sure what kind of candy thermometer you've got but mine is nowhere near precise enough to sous vide.  I have a polyscience unit at home but in my experience the best way to fake it at home with household items is like so: Use heavy freezer bags to bag your food, get as much air out of the...
  13. benway

    cheese souffle - what to serve them along with?

    Something bitter is needed for me to even finish a cheese souffle.  Beer or wine for sure.  A bowl of (or salad containing) craisins and toasted almonds can break up that richness and provide some crunch.
  14. benway

    Pasta for 70

    Are there even hotel pans?  What are the options for heating/cooking onsite?
  15. benway

    Pasta for 70

    You don't want to cook it in the sauce at all, rather use the sauce to reheat it.  Cook it al dente, and rinse it with cold water to keep it there.  Remember this is for kids which means overcooked pasta is much better than undercooked.  They're used to spaghetti-O's.
  16. benway

    Pasta for 70

    Well looks like you'll be cooking your pasta in quite a few different batches so first of all remember to change your water every batch or the starch will get out of control in a hurry.  You shouldn't need to parcook the pasta much if at all so when its finished, rinse it with cold water to stop...
  17. benway

    Pasta for 70

    What kind of equipment do you have access to?  A commercial tilt skillet?  Commercial steamers?
  18. benway

    Chefs/restaurants who still use MOTHER SAUCES

    I was lucky enough to spend some time back there.  Never saw a mother sauce.
  19. benway

    food expert required! please help

    Is this a paid gig?
  20. benway

    What simple ingredients to mix with carbonated water to make non-alcoholic beer?

    Try barley water with a squeeze of grapefruit.
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