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  1. ohbeary

    The Simplified Story of Yeast

    Too much like hard work! wheres my Hobart?
  2. ohbeary

    corn syrup vs.glucose

    As most of the worlds glucose is derived from corn syrup, just go for it, thin it down a little, as for Hi Fructose!, schmucktose,it all has the same calorific value be it monosacharide or polysacharide its going straight on the hips, fast or slow makes no difference!.
  3. ohbeary


    Peanut flour?, why?
  4. ohbeary

    premade truffle shells

    Truffle shells, I have used these in the past and found them to be relatively thin, French and Belgian made, clearly the cost of European shells would be prohibitive in the US, avoiding shells altogether why not pipe bulbs of ganache, chill then roll in tempered couvature a couple of times for...
  5. ohbeary

    Marshmallow genache- is it possible?

    Ganache is chocolate, as for boiling "whipped" cream !, good luck chum  
  6. ohbeary

    Marshmallow genache- is it possible?

    Assuming that you have made Italian meringue with dissolved gelatine run into it, from that stage while still warm fold in your warm ganache, I can't guarantee that it won't curdle but its worth a try.
  7. ohbeary

    Vitamin C in bread making

    Oh please!, don't be so silly, there is only one way to make buttermilk, place full fat milk in churn, crank til it hurts then crank some more then crank again til Granny says stop!, then you strain the butter out and pat it til you got butter, the stuff you have left is butter milk and ifGranny...
  8. ohbeary

    Cooks or Chefs who can totally relate to Anthony Bourdain's "Kitchen Confidential" - a thread if you

    I can only agree with most of you, Foodpump are we related?, my sentiments exactly, if an employee turns to, off their head/out of their mind/hungover or stoned it's "go home", "do it again and your fired!", the kitchen is a place for people who want to cook and are fit to do so, if that seems...
  9. ohbeary

    Top Chef Desserts

    aw how sad, heck! lets all just cry and be famous!, nah!, lets all just get real, stop watching TV and do some cooking, theres eatin to be done!
  10. ohbeary

    Are Chefs Abusive?

    Yeah ok when the team has been together for some time, familiarity excuses the low language, what I am talking about is the general degradation of social comunication, do we want this to be our social language?, I have been there and found myself "speaking kitchen" in front of civilians!, the...
  11. ohbeary

    Cooking fish in a dishwasher?

     How irresponsible!, chicken! in a dishwasher!!, in a "kids" magazine, that is just asking for trouble, fish you might get away with but not chicken, how many homes have a vac-packer? to keep out the water (+dishwasher gunk) a ziplock bag is not going to do it by the time the chicken is...
  12. ohbeary

    Top Chef Desserts

    As a professional pastry chef I don't like the overegged "Cheffy" desserts with a bit of this and an unnecessary that with candied rat bladder either, I will admit to "French Lemon Tart with raspberry compote, clotted cream and almond tuile" or "Sticky Toffee Pudding with homemade vanilla ice...
  13. ohbeary

    Hi folks

    Hi folks, brandnew here, some familiar names on the boards, I'm still at this ole game of ours and still brewing to ease the pain, there will be some who recognise the style and some who will wonder who opened the asylum...............
  14. ohbeary

    Are Chefs Abusive?

    I can only agree with pretty much all of the above, I prefer the reasoned approach myself as foul language really has no place in any workplace, unless I am pushed beyond all reason, then things can be a little spicy!, there seems to be a growing trend for some young chefs to casually verbally...
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