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  1. jproaster

    Cabinet Proofer Question

    I'm testing my proofer in order to know how to use it for bread,etc. I put hot water in the tray and started with the Temp dial at just under 1 and the Humidity dial at 10 (limited experience has taught me to start there). At 30 minutes the temp/hum indicator (I placed one on a tray in the box...
  2. jproaster

    Digestive issues

    SInce extended fermentation in breads helps in the digestive process, I am wondering what other foods (like beans) cause you to perpare the foods a certain way; or foods you generally avoid serving with another food. john
  3. jproaster

    A little owner/operator emotion

    So I've taken over my kitchen (yeah, it's only a small coffeehouse with a present focus on panini, wraps and a few baked goods) and i'm getting this nervous/excited/wide-eyed feeling.  I'm nervous because I have to make this kitchen profitable and still manage my coffee related issues.  One of...
  4. jproaster

    KA Mixer capacity for cinn roll dough

    I was just reading Jim Berman's recipe for cinn rolls, which calls for 9 cups of bread flour.  My mixer is an old KA-5.  Is this recipe too large for the mixer? john btw, a couple of my books have a weight measurement in parentheses- measuring dry stuff.  will recipes on this site make...
  5. jproaster

    Cake for 75 Help Please

    As a few of you know I'm expanding my coffee business to more bakery.  Apparently one person who discovered this is eager to try me out- pro bono unfortunately.  Ok.  It's for the 8th grade graduation party (of which my son will be attending) and cake is the dessert I've been asked to make.  I...
  6. jproaster

    12" Wrap (Tortilla) container help

    Need help storing three different types of wraps that i store in my sandwich cooler.  Presently I leave them in their respective plastic bags and place those into other plastic bags to keep air out overnight. any suggestions? john
  7. jproaster

    Ugh. Virus on computer.

    So there i was, just writing in a thread here and a screen pops up saying that my computer is infected.  Usually i am very suspicious unless it's my software.  But this window looked like a Windows window.  So I push the OK button and here it comes- a virus that acts like it's a virus removal...
  8. jproaster

    Grounding Plug for mixer?

    I have an older KA-5 mixer with no grounding plug and the cord is ok, but kinda flimsy.  anyone ever put a new plug on theirs? john
  9. jproaster

    KAF recipe for bb muffins

    I'm learning to make muffins for my shop and would like to make about 1 dozen per day M-F for starters.  I'd also like to make a variety of course.  Just made my second batch of bb muffins- the first was a recipe from the JOC Breakfast Book and the second a cake-like recipe from KAF Baking...
  10. jproaster

    Care to share?

    As some know, i'm doing some construction work to make a place to work dough in my coffee shop.  And let's say that you are desiring to make cinn rolls, muffins, cookies, certain breads for panini, etc.  And given that I am close to making a table configuration in the shape of an L- 2x4 metal...
  11. jproaster

    Get another scale?

    just saw how the power saver feature turns off scale at "about one minute." do i need one with a longer time before shut down? john it's a Cuisinart 11#cap.
  12. jproaster

    cuisinart weight scale

    just saw how the power saver feature turns off scale at "about one minute." do i need one with a longer time before shut down? john
  13. jproaster

    is making my own bread crazy?

    hey all. i desire to stop buying bread for paninis in my shop.  is there a fiscally responsible way to make my own? thanks, john
  14. jproaster

    Know thy oven!

    Ok.  Joy of Cooking p.108 -  quiche lorraine.  Ok.  Not hard it seems. Pre-cook crust- ok, it's pillsbury. Mix ingredients and add in right order - done. Turn down heat by 75 degrees due to convection oven- done. 23.5 minutes and the thing is rising like in a B rated horror show- dark brown...
  15. jproaster

    Learning to taste questions

    I was reading a bit about the subject.  It appears one must do lots of tasting of spices, veges, meats, etc. as one can set up comparisons, dine out, etc.  And keep notes too. Someone mentioned   Culinary Artistry by the Dornenbergs. Someone also said something that makes sense- know what you...
  16. jproaster

    Can't believe i did that

    So I'm going to get a good foundation for cooking, so I'm reading alot.  Someone here mentioned egullet forums.  Good stuff.  Just finished reading part of a training about knives - "...don't try to catch a falling knife,"  she wrote. So what do I do when I dropped a knife an hour later- i...
  17. jproaster

    Uses for proofer

    I have a cabinet sized proofer which I bought used.  Used it for a while to proof a few items. Now I want to develop menu items from scratch that I might sell in my coffeeshop.  I don't have a high-end clientele at all. So I need some recommendations for using this proofer.  I know that I want...
  18. jproaster

    Breads for small shop

    Greetings.  As a couple of you may know I'm a coffeehouse owner who's learning to cook/bake for breakfast, lunch and bakery case.  I am serving these now; just not much business yet.  Within the next week I expect to have some minor construction finished that will give me a space to work dough...
  19. jproaster

    Another convection oven question...yeah.

    I did some reading and realized quite a few people ask questions about these ovens.  I didn't quite get the info I needed.  So, concerning my 1/2 sheet Blodgett (non-steam)... -does it make any sense to put try to block airflow?  stop over-browning. I've tried this with placing a sheet pan on...
  20. jproaster

    Creating a place to work dough

    I'm in the midst of doing some remodeling - taking about 7 ft of wall space to work dough.  Now this room which has a 6 ft wide entrance has two freezers, mobile shelving unit and a proofer.  It's not a big room.  My desire is to use the first 7ft of wall on the left side after entering for...
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