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  1. remi love

    Returning to the industry

    Hello all my name is Mike I have been away from the industry for 12 years due to an illness . I have had a very severe case of bipolar disorder. It has been unlike a normal case because it took 10 years to find medications that would work with me . Two years ago in a hospital the presented me...
  2. remi love

    returning to the pastry/dessert industry after 12 years of illness .

    I was sick and unable to work for 12 years I am still on disability insurance so I can only work part time and earn a certain amount each month. I have been reviewing recipes and reading alot and realize i don't have the skills needed to jump right in, its been a long time away from a kitchen. I...
  3. remi love

    How to get back into the industry after 12 years of illness .

    Hello all, I have been sick for 12 years and my illness has completely stabilized . I am trying to get back into the party business after a long time from being away from it. I am rusty with skills and methods. I have baked a bit recently at home and still remember alot of stuff but its the...
  4. remi love

    Mentors the importance of .

    Back in the beginning of my career as a former chef I wish I had found a mentor instead of going full tilt into the career as if I knew what I was doing like a pro which I was not . I wish I sought out that special teacher that could have brought me to a new level in a more gentle , softer...
  5. remi love

    Returning after 10 years away

    Before I got sick I was a pastry chef in various restaurants I loved it everything about working with food was wonderful from the chemistry in the pastry kitchen meeting guests, getting reviewed, and creating new things undone in the past . Then I got sick and went on disability for 10 years now...
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