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  1. kevin20422

    Economical equivalent to Danactive

    This seems kind of expensive as time goes on. I don't want to penny pinch over my child's Health but at $5.50 for an eight pack it adds up. (3.1 oz. each) Is there some really special culture you can't find elsewhere if just the packaging and taste that make it fly. We have some smoothies...
  2. kevin20422

    Nature valley protein bar

    These are not very healthy are they? Any good choices for a healthy protein bar with chocolate flavor?
  3. kevin20422

    Quick quinoa question

    I am cooking this product each day and the bags says bring to vigorous boil then reduce to simmer and cover. Why can't I just bring it to simmer and skip the boil. I bet it is to kill some bacteria or something but is this really important? Is it an issue like once in a million times. It...
  4. kevin20422

    Chain type soup - revolution or revelation?

    Some might be afraid to help me copy Paneras broccoli cheddar soup and others will help me. I am like the little David against the big Goliath. All I want to do is try to mimic the great soup we get there to make it cheaper at home (for my wife). It has something that gives it a thick rich...
  5. kevin20422

    Stand up mixer

    For my wife and our daughter of seven years age, I know I will want to cook about 10 lbs of potatoes every month or so for frozen mashed pototoes and make a pizza dough about once I week for a couple pizzas.  What would be a good Kitchenaide model for this kind of minimal use, money is kind of...
  6. kevin20422

    Convection ovens

    We just popped for an Amadore GE convection oven.  Will the be any improved quality in my food from the use this alternative heating method.  I know cookies wont burn on the edges as easily but will anything else change?
  7. kevin20422

    Bulk cooking, dead chickens, and big man on the net

    Your probably wondering why I invited you all to my post today. Since cooking again I ran across two of my posts to this group just from googling around. One on freezing peppers and one on what not to use in stock. I have fond memories of the help afforded me by such culinary giants as...
  8. kevin20422

    Glassware not safe for ovens?

    I have some easy snap lid glass containers from Costco and they say you can microwave them but dont heat in oven. I know you would take the plastic lid off but what is the big problem here people?  Is the glass going to explode .001% of the time?  Will it ooze dangerous toxins into my food...
  9. kevin20422

    Need an easy to do for a roux

    I have a roux I a few years ago from the freezer thawed out in the fridge now.  It was a real task to make so I do not want to waste this brown roux I once made for a shrimp gumbo. What can I do with it that is easy? What would the fridge life for a roux be anyway? Thanks for all your help...
  10. kevin20422

    Canned olive fridge life

    My wife and I like Greek salad about every day lately.  To save I plan on buying the big #1 cans of olives sliced at Costco.  How long would they be okay in the fridge in glass?  I hope one month.  Cover with oil?
  11. kevin20422

    Repair cooltop element

    Cooltop stoves use a nicrome  or someting like that ribbon and it opened on my big burner on the cooltop that has big and small tops and you can switch from one to another. Everyone I talked to said you could not fix them. I took a piece of metal from an electrical connector and firmly crimped...
  12. kevin20422

    A long lasting greek salad

    I made the subject line match the topic as best as possible.  I was tempted to try and be interesting and title it something like.  "Theres a Greek in my refrigerator!!" or Please dont say colon at the dinner table. I have not been on probation in this group yet though so I want to stay on the...
  13. kevin20422

    A quick note on grilled corn

    Very minor note here folks but a time saver.  When making corn in the husk on the grill instead of a piece of twine it is very easy to keep the husk in place with just a little cone of aluminum at the top of the husk.
  14. kevin20422

    Vacuum seal shrimp

    I am going down now and get about 20 lbs of Gulf Shrimp on sale for $6 a lb., 16/25 count and thats a good deal.  I stay stocked up on sale fish as we eat alot of seafood.  I have been vacuum sealing the Mahi, Cod, and Tilapia but would it make sense for shrimp since there will be so much air...
  15. kevin20422

    The health benefits of burnt food

    Are there any?  I am a little sloppy with the shishkabobs on the grill and perhaps I dont watch them enough.  We have a fair amount of black charcoal on some of the chicken and veggies. Are there serious health problems with a little charcoal?  I suppose it is charcoal, right? Is not charcoal...
  16. kevin20422

    Vaccum bag economics

    I have been stocking up on fish and since you can reuse the bags I think it makes sense to cut them an extra 6 inches or so longer than you need so you can get more reuses out of them. Does this make sense to the vacuum sealing pros?
  17. kevin20422

    To make a taquito almost as good as storebought

    My wife gets home from work famished and want a quick bite.  She has taken a liking to taquitos those little rolled up baby burrito/taco hybrids from our good friends at Food Inc. How could I mass produce a counterfeit that would pass as almost equal or heaven forbid even better.  To freeze...
  18. kevin20422

    What cant go in vegetable stock?

    I have a ziplock in the freezer saving leftover scraps of vegetable matter for stock, now I ask you fine members. What cant go in stock, thats easier to ask than what can. I assume no fruit obviously but what about a little cabbage yes/no?  No tomatoes I assume.  Trying to think of others I...
  19. kevin20422

    Cooking chicken to safe temp

    I grilled a bunch of half breast today to mass produce alot of spicy chicken corn chowder from the food network recipe.  I figure with bone and skin on it has more flavor and the skin helps it not stick to the grill. To the point. Sometimes in the middle of meat you see dark red blood...
  20. kevin20422

    When to sauce the cod?

    Has anyone tried this dish!! I found it oh so delish-i-oso.  What a joy and not to difficult. The recipe clearly states to cook the fish first then put on the sauce but I put it on first thinking...
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