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  1. berndy

    Perfect homemade pound cake reipe ???

    Since we now finally have the perfect homemade yellow cake recipe I am looking for the perfect "pound cake " recipe if there is such a thing..
  2. berndy

    Mud Pie Help

    I am thinking to make some Mud Pies for the holiday . Want to make an OREO cookie crust without butter What can I  use to replace the butter  in the crust since the butter in the crust will make it to hard to be eaten out of the freezer ?
  3. berndy

    Chocolate covered Strawberries

    Up to now I have always used just melted chocolate to make mine:but I hear that I should mix butter or shortening into my chocolate for a better shine. How do you make yours???
  4. berndy

    Did you ever work outside your native country ?

    All over Europe it was very important and still is today  for any cook to spend some time outside his native country to get a better understanding of what is needed to be  better educated in the culinary world. of today. I am curious to find out how many of you did experience another country...
  5. berndy

    Do you peel your carrots ?

    My daughter seen me peeling carrots an told my that I was waisting my time I Know carrots don't have a skin that needs to be removed . Every restaurant I ever worked in peel their carrots all the time . How do you feel about it ?
  6. berndy

    Why are there no canned NECTARINES ?

    Did you ever notice that there are no Canned NECTARINES on the market.? All other stone fruit is available in canned form but NOT nectarines .
  7. berndy

    How do you make your cornbread tasty ?

    I ever liked the taste of cornbread. Now I am stuck wit 3 packages of Jiffy Corn muffin mix I got as a gift. How can I make it edible ?
  8. berndy

    Thickening an apple pie ?

    For years I did use corn starch for my apple pies. I just did read that a mix of half AP flour and half corn starch is better ? What do YOU say
  9. berndy

    A Happy Thanksgving To all our friends in Canada

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you up North !
  10. berndy

    Fruit Flies

    How do you handle Fruit Flies at home ?
  11. berndy

    Lost herb butter recipe

    Years ago I had recipe for a compound butter we used in Switzerland on steaks and I lost it .All I remember was that there were 4 herbs.One of the herbs was used twice, (2 parts),while the other 3 were  used only once ( 1 part ). Does anyone of you now what I am looking for ? 
  12. berndy

    Locating nutrients in Broccoli ?

    It is said that broccoli is very good for you. Where are the most nutrients ? In the florets only ? Or in the stems too ?
  13. berndy

    What did JESUS eat ?

    What do we know about the food that was available during the time of Jesus in the land he lived ?
  14. berndy

    ?? A Cassava Salad ??

    Potato Salad was always part of our holiday meals. Since regular potatoes are no good for the bloodsugar I want to change from red potatoes to cassavas. Did anyone of you ever make a cassava salad ?
  15. berndy

    Apples, Raw VS Cooked ???

    I love my daily whole raw apple and I also love stewed Apples,cooked  without any  added sugar . Now I would like to know if there are any changes in the nutritional value of the Apples after they are cooked ? We know that there is a big difference between a raw and a cooked carrot and we also...
  16. berndy

    Are you on time? Everytime?

    I hope I do get it right this time : http://artofmanliness/2012
  17. berndy

    Are you on time? Everytime?

    I just came acroos this and feel it schould be read by everyone .
  18. berndy

    Canned pineapples? Can you help ?

    Does anyone know why all the canned pineapples available here in the US have no longer the nice golden yellow color we were used to see years ago ? All brands are now  very pale , almost white and no longer yellow the way they were a while back. Do you know of a brand of sliced pineapples here...
  19. berndy

    What was on the menu at President Obama's latest Correspondent's dinner served at the Hilton ?

    Does anyone know what the menu was  at our President's last dinnner party at the Hilton in  Washington DC ??
  20. berndy


    Wishing you all a very  HAPPY EASTER  !   
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