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  1. d.luffy

    Sausage Expired still can be eaten?

    Dear people, I would like to ask you, all along i have left chorizo sausage in the "FREEZER". Until  today i found out that it has expired for 1 month? Do you think that i throw it away or can cook to eat it? Thank you. Regards D.luffy
  2. d.luffy

    Cleaning Clams

    I bought clams on the market and i have ensure that the clams are tightly close before i buy. However i went home and soak the clams in water , some of the clams open and i push to close it, they still wont close but it still open . Is the clam open means dead already?
  3. d.luffy

    Clarified butter

    hi, i would like to ask, when clarified butter, there will be white foam which is the milk soild. We need to get rid the milk soild. Can the milk solid still can be used for other purposes? Regards D.
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