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  1. chrislehrer

    March 2021 Challenge - Cajun and Creole

    It was delicious, no question about that. The stuffing probably should have included an egg or two to bind it together for the frying. Maybe next year I'll give that a go -- definitely worthwhile!
  2. chrislehrer

    March 2021 Challenge - Cajun and Creole

    I couldn't pass up this competition. I started learning to cook when I fell in love with Paul Prudhomme's style of Cajun/New Orleans food, and I've cooked this kind of food reasonably regularly ever since -- thirty years now. Now about twenty years back, my wife and I visited New Orleans. My...
  3. chrislehrer

    boiling an egg with runny yoke

    Looks a bit overcooked. But the main thing: did they not peel? Can you describe what you did from the time they went into the ice water? Because I haven't had a miss with these in quite a while, even using fresh-laid eggs. So I'm surprised and would like to figure out why it's not working for you.
  4. chrislehrer

    January 2021 Challenge - rice!

    I can't believe I missed this challenge! Congratulations Butzy
  5. chrislehrer

    boiling an egg with runny yoke

    I look forward to hearing how it goes.
  6. chrislehrer

    Chicken Stock - How important is blanching?

    Just to pigpile on what everyone else has said.... I think in your case, blanching or roasting is a good idea. A little scum is nothing to worry about, because it's easy enough to skim off and/or strain out. But you're working in such large quantities that I think you're going to have trouble...
  7. chrislehrer

    boiling an egg with runny yoke

    I think what you're looking for is what the French call an oeuf mollet. It's essentially a poached egg in consistency, but it's cooked in the shell. Very useful and not difficult. I've been working on these for a while, because I love them, and here's what I know. 1. Prick the fat end of the...
  8. chrislehrer

    English tea and cake recipes wanted

    Look at the website for The Great British Bake Off. Not a joke. Lots of recipes for this sort of thing there.
  9. chrislehrer

    Duck Roasting

    Nevertheless, yes, the method is quite traditional. Canard au sang was a highly specialized development from that very technique. I believe, however, that the breast skin was not usually especially crisp. This is the kind of prep that largely vanished because it required two diners to eat the...
  10. chrislehrer

    November 2020 Challenge: One Pot Wonder

    Can we sue for several recounts? Congratulations @mike9 !
  11. chrislehrer

    Recipe Remedies: In which I attempt to document my experiments with food

    Post the recipe. There are people here who understand this stuff well.
  12. chrislehrer

    CutCo knives?

    You can, but it's not easy for the price.
  13. chrislehrer

    Repurposing holiday feast leftovers

    Friday: turkey-mushroom crepes Saturday: turkey mole (I cheated and used a premade jar of mole concentrate) Sunday: turkey gumbo Lunches have been heavy on stuffing and mashed. There's just one upper wing left, and about a cup of stuffing. Not another thing.
  14. chrislehrer

    Hi there!!

    Good to have you! Please be sure to drop in on the monthly cooking challenge: it's a good bit of fun, and it's exciting to see more than a few die-hard regulars there.
  15. chrislehrer

    November 2020 Challenge: One Pot Wonder

    I'm realizing that most of the one-pot dishes my family really loves, classic Japanese nabemono, probably don't quite fit this challenge. They're like Chinese-style hotpot: you have plates of stuff to put into the simmering broth. I figure those plates count against the "one pot" limit. Hmm.
  16. chrislehrer

    November 2020 Challenge: One Pot Wonder

    Here's a good one:
  17. chrislehrer

    Video overlay on

    Yes, it's extremely annoying!
  18. chrislehrer

    Need toaster advice

    Over the last twenty-five years or so, we have owned 6 toasters, all different brands. Every one has the same problem: it has settings from 0 to 10 or something like, and anything above 2 or 3 means burnt black, so that the actual toasting range is 1-2. Most also will not allow all of a normal...
  19. chrislehrer

    Best Cook Book

    Julia Child, Mastering the Art, v.1-2 has the great advantage that she explains everything in clear, unambiguous terms. But there is no such thing as "the best" cookbook -- only best for certain purposes, as precisely defined as possible.
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