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  1. greg

    Looking for Sources for Used Restaurant Equipment in NYC

    I'm helping a friend with a business proposal for a restaurant in Brooklyn. Any recommendations from area chefs and/or owners for reputable sources of used ranges, ovens, coolers and the like?
  2. greg

    It's a Beast

    Started a new job a couple weeks ago and this is the oven I inherited on my back line. It does fun things like shutting itself down if the door is open for more than 5 seconds. When it does that, the "clear" button has to be hit twice or it stays shut down. Sometimes the cooks will miss touching...
  3. greg

    Job Ad Red Flags

    Just saw this one posted and thought I'd put it up here for anyone looking for a job, but not sure what to look out for when reading ads. Even if this one weren't too far a drive for me, I'd avoid it like the plague. Pretty sure the reason they want you to leave your ego at the door is that...
  4. greg

    The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper

    Apparently, he's decided he wants to be the biggest loser:
  5. greg

    So strange I can't think of an apt title...,0,455538.story I think the owner needs to spend less time defending this alleged head chef's actions and spend some time looking for a new chef.
  6. greg

    Messaging System Problem

    After the migration, a lot of old PMs re-appeared (like from 2001 old!). I cleaned out my inbox and sent messages tabs, but when I try to delete them from my trash, the page refreshes and goes back to the inbox tab. When I look in the trash tab, all the messages are still there.
  7. greg

    Happy Birthday Pete!

    Long-time cheftalk moderator/contributor Pete turned 40 today. Post your birthday wishes/condolences here. :p
  8. greg


    Seems like since Adria brought them to the forefront, everyone and their sous chef is doing them. What do you think of them?
  9. greg

    Researching Schools: Do's and Don'ts

    test test test
  10. greg

    90/10 Rule?

    I've seen two ads for chefs today with this phrase: "Ensures standard of 90/10 rule is met in kitchen". Can someone tell me exactly what this means?
  11. greg

    Before You Post a New Topic, Please Use the Search Function

    Odds are good that your question may have already been answered. You can find out by using the search. It's found at the top right of the page in each forum, with an advanced search option available. You can also click on search on the toolbar at the top of any page. Note: Sometimes you may...
  12. greg

    I need a customer's viewpoint

    I'm kind of taking a poll amongst foodies, if you have time between now and Sunday to tell me what you think, it'd be a great help. The question would be, what would you consider Asian-French fusion to be?
  13. greg

    Upcoming Wine Dinner

    So, we've got this wine dinner coming up in a week or so, and it features Argentinian and Chilean wines. Although we usually don't limit ourselves like this, for some bizaare reason we're doing food themed to that region. So the chef tells me to get online and find some authentic things we can...
  14. greg

    I Want Some Kind Russian Beef

    Soon to be available, at least in Russia. Don't they know it's a gateway drug? :p
  15. greg

    This is Scary...

    Not to mention thoroughly unappetizing:
  16. greg

    Kitchen Music, Episode 2 Revenge of the Bagpipes

    We haven't done this in a couple of years. Whats on the CD player at work these days? I found an entire CD of bagpipe music (Colin MacLellan) on usenet a few days ago. It works wonders when you just want everyone out of the kitchen. Also on the playlist: Echo and the Bunnymen, The Plimsouls...
  17. greg

    Work Pictures

    I finally got a digital camera, here's my latest kitchen I'm doing the sous chef thing at (click on them for a larger image): The banquet/prep side: The ala carte line, exec chef in the back of the pic: Here's what happens when robot coupes attack. I was making olive tapenade when the...
  18. greg

    Bread and beer

    I'm working on a beer dinner menu coming up in about 3 weeks. I'd like to do the bread for the dinner in-house and incorpoate beer into it somehow. See for the beers we'll be working with. The exec said he'd like to do a sourdough. Thoughts?
  19. greg


    While terminating an employee is certainly harder on and more stressful on the employee being terminated, we all know how hard it is for us sometimes. How does everyone deal with it? I'm asking because I just had to can somebody today by instruction of my boss (conveniently on vacation) that I...
  20. greg

    The Wine Dinner

    Just did a wine dinner last Friday featuring wines from Rancho Zabaco out of Sonoma ( ). Cape Chef asked about one of the courses; here's the whole menu with pairings: Passed hors d'oeuvres and canape's wine: Rancho Zabaco Sauvignon Blanc, Russian River 1st Course: Smoked...
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