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  1. chrislehrer

    Need toaster advice

    Over the last twenty-five years or so, we have owned 6 toasters, all different brands. Every one has the same problem: it has settings from 0 to 10 or something like, and anything above 2 or 3 means burnt black, so that the actual toasting range is 1-2. Most also will not allow all of a normal...
  2. chrislehrer

    Imitating Japanese breads/buns

    A Japanese-style bakery has recently opened not too far from where we live (how they're opening a new business now I don't know, but good luck to them), and my family is having waves of nostalgia about this stuff from our years in Kyoto. Unfortunately it's very expensive, so we can't just buy...
  3. chrislehrer

    Pre-cooking lobster

    If I steam lobster and seal it in a bag by displacement (I don't have a vacuum sealer), how long will it keep in the fridge? Should it be shelled or not before bagging? Thanks.
  4. chrislehrer

    Potato skins

    I used the flesh for something else. Any thoughts on using just the skins, stuffed or otherwise?
  5. chrislehrer

    "Milano"-type butter cookie

    Can anyone give me a good recipe for a simple butter cookie, crunchy and pale golden, that would be similar to the cookies on the outsides of a Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie? I thought I'd found one but it produced a very different sort of cookie.
  6. chrislehrer

    Rubber spatulas

    Does anyone have any strong recommendations for rubber spatulas? Mine broke about two months ago, and I picked up a two-piece replacement pack at the supermarket. Both are now broken, handles sheared straight across, apparently unable to handle the stress of a home dishwasher.
  7. chrislehrer

    Silkie Chicken

    We've got a frozen silkie with head and feet. I know it's big in Chinese cuisine, but I'm not finding any recipes I trust. Anyone got experience with this black-fleshed chicken?
  8. chrislehrer

    Stirring tahini

    I have a can of tahini which, upon opening, turns out not only to have settled but the paste at the bottom is almost hard. I had to pry out chunks with a stiff spoon. Any suggestions for softening the stuff so I can stir it up normally?
  9. chrislehrer

    Freezing Chinese steamed buns

    I am planning to make meat-filled steamed buns, and I was thinking it might be a good idea to freeze some of the batch for later use. But then I got thinking: how do I freeze them? 1. Fill with cold raw filling, seal, freeze; later let rise in the fridge and steam 2. Cook and chill filling...
  10. chrislehrer

    COVID-19: food supply and cooking demand

    Can we talk about cooking and shopping patterns in our current COVID-19 situation? There’s a thread running in the Pro Chef section that’s more or less on this topic, but (a) I’m not a professional, and (b) the professional’s perspective is very different, because they buy food from different...
  11. chrislehrer

    Supplies for a While

    We're set for a little bit...
  12. chrislehrer

    David Chang

    Does anyone have a contact to get in touch with Chef David Chang (Momofuku, etc.)? I have a proposal for him and/or his co-producers at Netflix. Please PM only!!
  13. chrislehrer

    Dried Apricots

    I just found a bag of good-quality but very dried-out dried apricots. They don't seem rancid, just very, very dry. Any ideas what I can do with them? I'm looking particularly for savories, not sweets, but I'll take any suggestions.
  14. chrislehrer

    Corned Beef

    I was thinking, as long as I happen to have thought of this significantly before St. Patty's Day, I might corn my own beef brisket. Now here's the thing. The recipe I have, from Polcyn and Ruhlman's Charcuterie, has you brine the brisket for 5 days. Fair enough. But when that 5 days is up, what...
  15. chrislehrer

    Dark-colored stock

    Lately I've been finding that some of my stocks are coming out rather dark-colored. I've read that this can be caused by certain vegetables -- carrots, for example, apparently make stock markedly darker. Anyone know of others? I don't really care, most of the time, but every now and again I want...
  16. chrislehrer

    Dish towel

    A present from my lovely family:
  17. chrislehrer

    December Cooking Challenge 2019 -- Cured Meats

    As the winter set in and the days got shorter, many of our ancestors were finishing up (or had finished) laying in stocks for the long, cold months. And around the world, people found clever ways to preserve their harvests, including some truly amazing ways to preserve meats. December 2019’s...
  18. chrislehrer

    How to par-cook mashed potatoes?

    For my Thanksgiving plans, I want to cut down on as much last-minute work as possible (who doesn't?). So I have a question about mashed potatoes, which I direct especially to all you pros out there. The recipe I'm using, slightly adapted from Kenji Lopez-Alt of the Food Lab, goes roughly like...
  19. chrislehrer

    Need ideas for Xmas dinner

    Looks like I may be responsible for a lavish Christmas dinner, and I'll probably have to cook it at my mother's house. This means complications. My first idea was a whole beef tenderloin. I thought I'd do it sous vide at home and reheat. But now I find (per Modernist Cuisine) that it takes as...
  20. chrislehrer

    Thanksgiving Turkey Solution!

    Well, this stroke of genius ought to be much better than any turkey recipe you lot were planning!
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