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  1. greg

    What is this muscle on Ribeye?

    If I had to guess, it's called the complexus muscle.
  2. greg

    How to evaluate a potential employer

    I'd add one more question: How long did the previous exec hold the position and why did they leave?
  3. greg

    Co worker issue HELP!

    Take it to the chef if you haven't; if he won't/hasn't do/done anything, take it to his boss. I'd hazard a guess that the chef full well knows what's up, as you said. If you have to go over his/her head, prepare to move on to another job. I don't know what value there is in this position for you...
  4. greg

    Remembering Chef Ed Buchanan

    I'll miss Ed, he was without a doubt one of the greatest contributors to cheftalk.
  5. greg

    Looking for Sources for Used Restaurant Equipment in NYC

    I'm helping a friend with a business proposal for a restaurant in Brooklyn. Any recommendations from area chefs and/or owners for reputable sources of used ranges, ovens, coolers and the like?
  6. greg

    Prime Rib Butchery and uses

    I'd look into grass-fed beef for your rib-eyes. We used them awhile back and they were very small, so a 6-7 ounce portion might be thick enough for you to work with.
  7. greg

    Show us your face

    Sometime last winter, Ten years ago, more hair, less grey (me on the left),
  8. Show us your face

    Show us your face

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  11. greg

    I am inching my way into the kitchen, and I need some serious advice....

    In my opinion, lying about your experience is extremely, horribly bad advice. You're setting yourself up for failure. When you go down in flames on a station because the chef thought you'd be able to handle it based on your false statement, he or she will know something's up. Might even get you...
  12. greg

    Pork Demi

    I've made plenty of it using the neck bones as a base, you shouldn't have any problems with it.
  13. greg

    Duchesse Potatoes in Advance on Mise en Place

    It'll work, but all of linecook's cautions are true regarding moisture loss and shelf life. Even well-wrapped, I wouldn't use them for more than 2 services.
  14. greg

    Kitchen Code Code of Honor ?

    Lets all be more respectful here and stick to the topic. Keep your opinions regarding spelling and grammar to yourselves, please.
  15. greg

    Purchasing Kitchen Equipment Hot Box

    I work at a baseball stadium, so we've got a virtual army of hot boxes. All are FWE insulated boxes and I've never had a problem or even heard of a problem with them.
  16. greg

    Spanish in the Kitchen

    Thread locked, pending discussion with the ChefTalk moderation team. Some of you need to realize that your perceptions of what people communicate over the internet are not fact. Disagreements are fine, but everyone needs to make their points respectfully.
  17. greg

    Line Cook, Being asked to Head a New Kitchen..But SUPER nervous

    A word of caution here, these sound like famous last words. Personally, I didn't take a head chef job until I knew I was ready. If you're not feeling definitely confident you can do this, it might impact your ability to lead your crew. If you think you can fake it till you make it though, its...
  18. greg

    Resting steaks in beurre monte

    Resting meats in any liquid will reduce the temperature more quickly (liquids conduct heat better) and reduce carryover cooking. While demiglace would also add a good flavor like butter does, it's about twice the price in ingredients alone, let alone labor to produce it.
  19. greg

    Butt Space in the Kitchen

    I once worked with a guy that was 5'7" and around 300 lbs. The line was about the same as the one boyo works: long, but narrow. Whenever he tried to get past me at my station, he'd invariably knock my utensils on the floor trying to squeeze by.
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