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  1. scuppernong

    The Off Topic Thread

    Here's a shout out to the class of 2010!! We made it! Woooooo!! May the real world not tear us to shreds! Don't know if I should be excited, but I am. :3
  2. scuppernong

    Virus Alerts

    I actually got a notice saying that an intrusion had been attempted but it had been successfully blocked, while I was browsing the forums on my computer at home. I don't have a screenshot at this time, but I can look up the info in my history to see what it was labelled as. I could have sworn it...
  3. scuppernong

    Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

    I saw it for the first time about an hour or so ago. It was certainly eye-opening, I'll tell you that. I can see that he means well, and I'm glad that he's making an effort for it. Hopefully things will get better for him, there are many roadblocks that he's had to get around so far, and it's...
  4. scuppernong

    The role of aspartame in food.

    Aspartame can be dangerous to people with PKU because of its breakdown product.There's alot of activism and hoaxes about the substance being the cause of other mental defects, and some studies have been done which might verify it. If it's something you're really worried about, there are other...
  5. scuppernong

    Green and Fresh Off the Vine

    Sorry, I really had to include a sad pun for a title. Well, hello hello. My name is Scuppernong. According to my family I'm a bit of a "disaster in the kitchen", but I think my cooking skills have improved quite a bit, glad to say. I especially enjoy baking and try to do much of that when...
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