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  1. beelost

    jarring vs vacuum pack

    Do you really need room temperature? Freezing might be really helpful in this case. You can choose any packaging to save space, look here at the examples Such a great  variety of packaging is available, why only jars and bags... 
  2. song stuck in head

    song stuck in head

  3. hippo-in-a-house.jpg


  4. beelost

    Kitchen hairdos and quality of your hair

    Hello!  I used to make a pony tail when I had a long hair but it even caused head aches ( I think that was the reason) 
  5. beelost

    FINALLY!!!!!! That perfect homemade yellow cake

    Hello! I'm a newbie here, and I think I'll put on some weight if I stick around here for a longer time! Looks so tasty that I want to run somewhere and get me a cake!!!
  6. beelost


    Is it possible to cook smth like that at home. I suspect they add many "unhealthy" ingredients and you just won't do this to your lovely homemade muffins 
  7. beelost

    How to get rid of "beef taste" in meat?

    I keep meat in marinade for a couple of hours 
  8. beelost

    fat substitute question: applesauce vs banana

    I think applesauce is classical
  9. beelost

    Mirror cake yes or no

    I like the taste of gelatin. Another thing,  you won't even feel it mixed with other ingredients
  10. beelost

    What did you have for dinner?

    I had potato pancakes with beer
  11. beelost

    How to make good tasting mayonnaise?

    I might be totally wrong, but I like the taste of sunflower oil in mayonnaise, I also add some basilicum or garlic in it
  12. beelost

    Gas or Electric oven?

    What is cheaper for you, gas or electric? Gas is more reliable when the power goes off. Electric is more convinient 
  13. beelost

    Producing a larger quantity of donuts

    I wonted to buy a donut machine but gave up the idea
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