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  1. semperfemme

    Am I the monkey? Advice for handling Head Chef

    @Fryguy- Thanks for the good words and the offer. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to live on the west coast, my fiancee is dead set on us living on the east coast, more than likely, in Philadelphia. Believe me when I say I am trying to change his mind. LOL! @Gypsy2727- Thank you for putting...
  2. semperfemme

    Am I the monkey? Advice for handling Head Chef

    I am more than willing to admit that, in this instance, I am probably the monkey. I have to say, to begin, that I am very grateful for the head chef I work for. When I interviewed with him, I explained how I had actually attended culinary school, but had to leave due to running out of money and...
  3. semperfemme


    Honey is an antibacterial and humectant. It also, for reasons unknown to me, seems to wick the heat right out of a burn. You'll feel the area warm up really quickly and then all of a sudden the heat is gone and, with it, the burn pain. *shrug* The same has been said about butter, but it's too...
  4. semperfemme

    Being a clean line cook

    You CAN'T. Eventually (after about 3-4 days) our HC had to relax that policy as the owners of the restaurant were LIVID when they saw cooks using filthy towels to wipe down surfaces.
  5. semperfemme

    Being a clean line cook

    I pretty much do what Culinathusiast said. I keep two towels on me at all times. We went through so many towels that, at one point, our HC started putting us on towel rations. We were only allowed to have TWO towels for our entire shift- with shifts going for 5-9 hours a piece. Needless to say...
  6. semperfemme


    I'm just like you Grasshoppa.  I've only been on my cook job for a little over a month and I have more scars on my arms than I had during my entire childhood. I not only do prep work, but also man the pizza ovens and toss dough- so a lot of my injuries come from that 400 degree monstrosity. I...
  7. semperfemme

    What are you listening to these days?

    A little bit of everything lately. I have eclectic taste overall, but recently it's been a lot of dance/club hits- The Freemasons, Ben Hill, Madonna, Kaskade, Gaelle Addison, Samantha James. I'm probably going to be slipping into a nice Brazilian Lounge for the end of the summer into the fall-...
  8. semperfemme

    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    I've been a server off and on for a few years at a time. Had my first gig at 18 and, finally knew at 24, that I could never do it again. That said, I tend to be very very lenient with waitstaff. I know they're tired, a lot of them are in school, and if the restaurant is new- some of them weren't...
  9. semperfemme

    Veteran Cook- New to the Prof. Kitchen

    Hey all! I guess "veteran" would be a bit misleading considering I'm only 25 (Ha!), but I've loved cooking, and have cooked, since I was old enough to help my mom make Thanksgiving dinner. For time after that I was a home cook trying out new recipes and learning the basics on my own, testing...
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