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  1. dledmo

    A small blender

      I am scouting the market for a small blender.  The reason I began looking was because my wife loves Eggs Benedict and I found several easy blender recipes for Hollandaise sauce.  I am an at home cook so I don't need something terribly powerful, we own a full size blender which I used to try...
  2. dledmo

    Cast iron and wine

    If I were making a pan sauce using red wine reduced in a skillet, would it be ok to use a cast iron skillet? Would the acid of the red wine damage the skillet, would the cast iron skillet leave a funny taste to the sauce? :confused:
  3. dledmo

    Green tea at home

    Anyone drink green tea at home? I am thinking of going to green tea as a morning pick me up. No coffee for me, I can't even stand the smell of it (I hold my breath if I have to go down the coffee aisle at the supermarket). There seem to be great health benefits as well. How do you prepare...
  4. dledmo

    10-12" nonstick skillet

    I'm looking for a decent nonstick skillet in said range. I already have a stainless steel skillet, but would also like a nonstick. Thanks in advance.
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