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  1. kattikus

    Greetings and Salutations From Sunny South Africa (that's a lie in winter, it's freaking cold)

    Hello all! I'm Kat, and have been a home cook since I could experiment in the kitchen without getting into trouble. I doubt my skills are anything particularly amazing, but I do like to learn new techniques and get great inspiration. My current obsession is Australian MasterChef, I know - a...
  2. kattikus

    What in the WORLD is this kitchen tool for?

    A friend of mine just posted this photo and I have no clue what it is or is for... In all my years as a home cook I've never seen one so I wondered if maybe it's antique?  I really just want to find out what it is used for, and hours of searching Google was to no avail. I can't figure out if...
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