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  1. alaminute

    Jean-Louis paladin doesn't have a Wikipedia page

    But guy fieri does :.(.....
  2. alaminute

    New chef help

    I was fortunate enough to take my first chef position back in September and I like to think I've done a pretty damn good job of turning the operation from something that needed some serious love into a place that I can be proud to put my name begind. When I came in it was the classic sob story...
  3. alaminute

    Le cordon blue closing all US schools?!

    Soooo one of my cooks came in today telling me about how everyone at her lcb were rounded up and told how all locations are closing. So I found this . Crazy. While I've always been with the camp saying the price was totally...
  4. alaminute

    7 million turkeys put down from avian flu

    We had to have our thanksgiving orders in by yesterday because our purveyors said the stock is gonna be decimated. Anyone else here anything about this?
  5. alaminute

    Dream Vacay Help

    So i have requested off from may 26 - june 7 and I'm flying to oregon and then driving down the coast back to phoenix. I've already booked reservations at le pigeon and the french laundry, and i have to wait to book reservations at animal and saison. ive had a couple of old chefs also email the...
  6. alaminute

    Pregnancy foods

    So my beautiful beau is fabulously creating our third baby and is having the hardest time ever finding food she can stomach. Three a.m. the other day was bagel crostini (like sliced on a bias and toasted dry?) with charred romaine and halved grapes tossed in evoo and lemon juice and a little...
  7. alaminute

    Which knife to use?

    I'm just curious which knife you guys use for which tasks? For instance I ise a yanagi to break down fish, my chef uses a suji, and I know deba's are recommended. I like to use a petty to fab tenderloin, and I use either a petty or a chicken knife on the line with a 240 gyuto. Any weird...
  8. alaminute

    Themes for V-day dinner tasting?

    Any clever ideas for fun valentines themes? We're pitching 'anti-valentines', macabre, gay themed for the gay tinder site, grinder (call it the meat grinder), and other more ludicrous ideas. We're pretty sure that no matter what we do, we're gonna finish with a cream pie 128540 Anyways I'm...
  9. alaminute


    Happy Christmas everybody! May all of your wildest dreams come true!!!!1278771278769924️
  10. alaminute

    Poll to pick new knife

    It's either gonna be a konosuke hd2 240, or a misono ux10 210 with dimples. Both about the same price, and I have just enough after holiday shopping to be selfish and get my self something. If you had to pick, which would you get?
  11. alaminute


    I'm thankful for everyone here, will be posting picks of the dinner later, I'd love to see your guys' spread!! 128515128515
  12. alaminute

    More restaurants need.....

    I saw this thread in eater and wondered what all my foodie friends here at cheftalk would finish this sentence with 128515 I said ... Foie gras
  13. alaminute

    Too soon to buy a new knife?

    I just bought a new yoshihiro yanagi-ba a couple weeks ago which I love. I also have a full role complete with takeda, sugimoto, masahiro, tojiro and even a shun that has taken years to compile. Usually I like to put some miles on my blades before getting a new one but I'm itching to buy a new...
  14. alaminute

    Reading 'A Work in Progress'

    Is anybody else reading this phenomenal book?!! I'm super geeking out on it right now. It's invigorating like when I first read the French laundry or alinea
  15. alaminute

    Blanching purple veg.

    I was taught to use a little vin. in my salt solution to "seal" in the color but it still seems to bleed a little. Any suggestion?
  16. alaminute

    Bunmei knives?

    I couldn't find any reviews here on them and I'm curious if anybody has used them. I see they're made by global, which I've always enjoyed using but never owned.
  17. alaminute


    May all your BBQ dreams come true!
  18. alaminute

    Bannock bread?

    I'm going backpacking in a couple days and I'd like to make this 'bannock bread' I've heard of. I've gotten completely mixed reviews when I ask about it so I was hoping someone here could give me a decent, easy recipe. Tried posting this in the camp cook section but that forums kinda dead
  19. alaminute

    Bannock recipe?

    Anybody have a particularly good one?
  20. alaminute

    How do you sharpen a machete?

    I have a small whetstone I was trashing on it but it doesn't seem to be showing a lot of give. Non-sequitur here but I'd also appreciate some tips on how to keep food fresh for say a six day trip. I'm going camping by myself in a couple weeks and am just trying to get situated.
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