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  1. alaminute

    Which do you prefer?

    To pizza: thick crust, like Chicago deep dish thick crust! To peach cobbler: with ice cream. Always anything with ice cream. Bourbon or Scotch?
  2. alaminute

    Vacuum sealing and freezing cooked rice dishes?

    It should work fine but I would suggest thawing the bags before reheating.
  3. alaminute

    Cooking Wisdom.

    vegan (n.) 1944, from vegetable (n.) + -an; coined by English vegetarian Donald Watson (1910-2005) to distinguish those who abstain from all animal products (eggs, cheese, etc.) from those who merely refuse to eat the animals
  4. alaminute

    Cooking Wisdom.

    This is an important message to express to any other cook you see casually burn a chicken breast and throw it away during service without a second thought. Think of all the sunlight and time it took to grow the plants to feed and raise a living chicken who in turn required even more feed and...
  5. alaminute


    If you have access to a circulator, I've seen a one of the best chefs in my area do about 40 degrees C in buttermilk/aromatic bags before breading and frying to great success. Works nicely in 350 F fryer oil where you usually have to drop the temp to 275-325 for anything larger than wings.
  6. alaminute

    specials specials specials !!!

    Anything risotto lol, throw in some scallops with a clever buerre blanc and it'll sell out every time.
  7. alaminute

    Pop up dinner advertising?

    I'd say because of the nature of pop-ups you're really relying on industry relationships. All social media outlets are obvious places to start but that's friends and family mostly. Next I would advertise to any other chefs, owners, purveyors, writers or critics you've worked with and...
  8. alaminute

    Sous vide Kohlrabi, barbecue flavors

    Yes, I'm curious too what you went with. I know it's late in the game to solicit opinions (especially since the menu rollout happened months ago) but my initial thought was that you already have a lot of flavor in those components with a very nice subtle BBQ direction from the chop. Just add...
  9. alaminute

    Modern Chef's knife

    I think it looks great! Unique style of handle that seems pretty reasonable. I'm really impressed.
  10. alaminute

    Health Inspector/Vegetable Stock

    Second this, although I also agree that the reasoning is terrible.
  11. alaminute

    Sous vide in restaurant kitchens

    lol, it's definitely a misnomer. The cut is also known as a bistro steak and it comes from the center of the shoulder clod. It's so named because of how phenomenally it resembles a miniature psmo. This particular cut works amazing sous vide.
  12. alaminute

    Sous vide in restaurant kitchens

    We've done petite filets sous vide at my place for years. First we clean and portion the steaks and then put the raw meat in the vacuum bag -4 10 oz portions per bag- with a little butter, thyme and garlic for aromatics. Then drop two to four bags in your bath at a time at 117 degrees f for at...
  13. alaminute

    New chef help

    Whaaaaatt??!!!!!! Thanks- that's awesome
  14. alaminute

    New chef help

    I appreciate the tips and support all- basically i need a good number two is what I'm hearing. (It's so much harder to find time to post and reply these days) thanks everybidy
  15. alaminute

    Jean-Louis paladin doesn't have a Wikipedia page

    No. Flapping. Way. That is too amazing
  16. alaminute

    Jean-Louis paladin doesn't have a Wikipedia page

    But guy fieri does :.(.....
  17. alaminute

    New chef help

    I was fortunate enough to take my first chef position back in September and I like to think I've done a pretty damn good job of turning the operation from something that needed some serious love into a place that I can be proud to put my name begind. When I came in it was the classic sob story...
  18. alaminute

    Chef de cuisine vs executive chef?

    Yeah I always understood it to be opposite. In fact I've always had CDC's of my restaurants who would have weekly meetings with the executive chef who oversaw all the restaurant concept operations.
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