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    butter pecan ice cream help

    @chrislehrer is absolutely correct Frying is completely different than microwaving. Also, you mentioned that your reduced the amount of pecans by upto 75%. That will leave a large amount of the butter unabsorbed. Finally, Half and half is not the same as the cream/milk blend indicated in the...
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    Working in Tokyo, 2 Star Restaurant. Chef said I was slow

    There's a great movie, "jiro dreams of sushi" that you might want to watch. It might give you a bit of insight into the culture.
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    Instagram and Instagram services

    It's like saying, "I cook great food, Will I be successful" Is the food really great or is it total shite and you're the only one that thinks it's great. The food is only a small part of success. Are you going to execute flawlessly on all the other items required? I dunno. Here's an example...
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    Instagram and Instagram services

    That entirely depends on how you build your audience, what you're posting, your goals and how consistently you're using the platform. Assuming you were about to build a worldwide audience but only sell locally, you couldn't expect see much of an increase in sales. If you focus on organic local...
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    Instagram and Instagram services

    I've been working on our instagram presence for about 8 weeks. We went from 24 followers to 3,500. The number of followers and likes, fake or not, does make a difference in the amount of visibility you receive from the instagram algorithm. Two of the products I used to build the following...
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    Damn, bit by Dracula

    I'm in Arizona and the garlic I find here is weak at best. Eat a couple of tablespoons of this stuff and Dracula would still have a field day on my jugular. I'm looking for super stinky, keep the vampires away kind of garlic. Does anyone have a source they'd recommend?
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