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  1. nicko

    Can You Freeze Buttermilk?

    Can you freeze buttermilk? We always buy buttermilk for a recipe but then there is left over that is not needed. I hate throwing it out but wondered if anyone has had good experience with freezing it. Did a search in the forums but I did not see any discussions in the results. THanks
  2. nicko

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to everyone. We sincerely wish you all a healthy and less restrictive 2021. Blessing to all in the new year.
  3. nicko

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.
  4. nicko

    We hit 80K!

    Just noticed that we hit 80K+ in membership. The actual number would be over 100K but in past days we stupidly pruned no posters or one time posters. Very cool to see this community still going strong since 1999! Many thanks to all the great members that make ChefTalk such a great place to talk...
  5. nicko


    The Cooking challenges started in 2013 (did you know that?)! Monthly Challenge List This month's challenge is SHELLFISH. Enjoy! And thanks again for last month's challenge it was great fun.
  6. nicko

    I Told My Chef No!

    New article from @redbeerd cantu I Told My Chef No!
  7. nicko

    Alinea’s Coronavirus-Inspired Canapé

    Recently top 50 restaurant Alinea introduced a Corona virus inspired canape to their menu. Seems like it took things a bit too far what are the Professional chefs thoughts?
  8. nicko

    What is your preferred swag????

    Since has updated our logo we are actively thinking about new swag (i.e. t-shirts, coffee cups etc). In the past we have given away mouse pads, coffee cups, t-shirts etc. I wanted to ask the professional food community as a chef, cook, baker, caterer etc what would you prefer? Here...
  9. nicko

    Hot Smoked Salmon Technique - Chef Pete's version

    I had a side of salmon in my freezer for sometime and was not sure how to prepare it. Over the past couple months ChefTalk has (with the help of our platform partners Community Hired ) upgraded our articles. That is when I found something from the archives from Chef @pete Making Hot Smoked...
  10. nicko

    Cooking With Kids

    Cooking With Kids New article submitted by Chef @redbeerd cantu **This thread is closed for comments please leave your comments with the article (near the bottom). Be sire to let the chef know if you like his article. Thanks.
  11. nicko

    Alinea To Go

    A few weeks ago a good friend contacted me and told me Alinea restaurant (3 michelin stars and often in the top 10 of San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants) was offer a 5 course take away menu to celebrate their 15 year anniversary. Last night we enjoyed this meal and here are a few photos...
  12. nicko

    Cooks and Corona and Coping

    Posted by on of our longtime members @redbeerd cantu Cooks and Corona and Coping
  13. nicko

    Keeping your restaurant and staff during the global crisis

    Here in Chicago the governor has closed all restaurant and bars for dine in. Restaurants are allowed to provide pickup and delivery options which is helping to keep restaurants afloat. However fine dining restaurants like Alinea who employee many people have no option and it is has been reported...
  14. nicko

    Merry Christmas to All

    Wishing everyone the very merriest Christmas.
  15. nicko

    BreadBot robotic bread machine

    BreadBot is showing at this years Consumer Electronic Show. Pretty cool little machine but is it practical?.
  16. nicko

    Investigating Forum thread listing jumpiness on hover

    @french fries a ticket has been filed with the team and they are working on the jumpiness you reported. Thank you for pointing that out! We will use this thread to handle any specific discussion regarding it.
  17. nicko

    Uploading an image

    Hey All, Uploading an image to your thread works this way: Click on the image icon in the editor bar : Drag the image you want from your desktop to the little box that pops up. Your image is uploaded and you can choose below if you only want a thumbnail or full image.
  18. nicko

    Thread (discussion) gallery is back!!!!!

    Hey All, Give a big thanks to the company we work with Community Hired and @HellaSteph for bringing back the Thread Gallery feature which allows you to view all of the images in a discussion thread. You can see it in action in this thread: October Challenge: Savory Pumpkins and Winter Squash
  19. nicko

    Welcome to the updated!

    Hey everyone! I'd like to thank those of you may of had some trouble accessing ChefTalk last night for your patience. The team applied an upgrade to the forum software (Xenforo) and we obviously updated the look and feel. Some final configurations are still being made, so please don't mind the...
  20. nicko

    Refrigerator Recommendations

    We need to replace our LG French Door Bottom Freezer fridge and wondered if anyone has suggestions? Looking for something reliable, counter depth, roomy no ice or water dispenser on the front required. THanks.
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