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  1. jim berman

    The food behind the show

    Last week, I had the opportunity to go backstage with Dega Catering and the Dave Matthews Band at their 2-day stop at the waterfront in Camden, NJ. Before the band palyed to a capacity audience of 25,000 each night, I got to spend some time with the crew that feeds the band. Get the full scoop...
  2. jim berman

    Green Garbanzo beans

    Anybody using green garbanzo beans? How so? Like them?
  3. jim berman

    A week at the CIA/Greystone - Worlds of Flavor 2015

    I was fortunate enough to be invited along with my company's R&D team to be part of the CIA's Worlds of Flavor at the Greystone campus. In essence, the event is a 3-day seminar/conference that revolves around a particular cuisine, region, culture. Done in true CIA-style, there is an abundance of...
  4. jim berman

    Got to profile a few non-celebrity, celebrity chefs....

    I had the opportunity to freelance a piece for The Braiser about chefs that are star-worthy but not quite celebrities (including a Chef Talk icon! Can you spot him?) Any you would add to the list?
  5. jim berman

    I met a guy named Jim. Revisited.

    Back in July, I posted a little piece  I Met A Guy Named Jim Just In Time   about a guy that joined my crew. Since then, I have received several emails and private messages about the article and my buddy Jim. As an update, and to keep the good mojo flowing that surrounds this great guy, I wanted...
  6. jim berman

    What's your 'go to' app/site for allergy info?

    I get hit with special requests in the kitchen all the time... gluten-free, allergic to this, allergic to that. Sometimes, I simply don't know. Do you have a favorite, tried and true app or site that is effective?
  7. jim berman

    Old school vs. 'New' school chefs

    Got into a heated, yet jovial discussion with the crew about old school versus the 'new' school of chefs and cooks. The talk evolved from the case for/against going to culinary school, needing to know the classics, etc. So, I was wondering.... what do you think defines the newer cooking school...
  8. jim berman

    Pasta Extruder

    In the market for a pasta extruder on the commercial scale. I have done some preliminary market/online research. Any experience you can share? Thanks!
  9. jim berman

    Life Lessons from a Line Cook

    I don't usually just repost/pass along blogs, etc. However... and a big however... this really popped off the screen at me and I wanted to share. Maybe you have items to add... From: Harvest America Ventures, LLC...
  10. jim berman

    Who are we really cooking for?

    For whom do we cook? Seriously. I am asking the question and I want somebody to tell me. Who are you cooking for? Is it for your own sense of satisfaction and pride? Or is it to make money? Or... for the respect of the other members of our ego-inflated industry? I run the kitchen of 20-person...
  11. jim berman

    Food Show... USFoods in Atlantic City

    Anybody making the trek to the USFoods show in AC next week? Any particular aspects you look for at a food show?
  12. jim berman

    A change.... from kitchen to classroom.... to kitchen

    After 11 years of being a chef instructor in a public high school, I hit the wall. At the height of the success of my program, it just came a time to shed the classroom environment, the school shenanigans and embrace the fire of the kitchen. So I did it. At the end of the first semester of the...
  13. jim berman

    10,860 cookies by our culinary students

    On 12.20-21, our Culinary 10, 11 & 12th grade students were joined by school staff, business partners, graduates, family and friends to bake cookies for every police officer in the state of Delaware. At 8am, the 10,000+ cookies were dispatched throughout the state as a 'thank you' for keeping...
  14. jim berman

    Charlie Trotter dies at 54

    Very sad loss for the culinary world, Chicago's Charlie Trotter died today at 54. Not many details have been released. Sad day.
  15. jim berman

    Time to celebrate... Happy birthday to ChefTalk's founder, Nicko!

    ChefTalk is the digital home for many people; you have created a great place! Thank you, Nicko, for all you have done. Happy birthday to you!
  16. jim berman

    Grain Brain

    David Permutter's newest,  Grain Brain The Surprising Truth About Wheat Carbs And Sugar Your Brains Silent Killers​   makes some mighty big claims. I just started getting into reading it - and it is scaring the mess out of me. Wondering if anybody is reading/has read it.
  17. jim berman

    Sharing the kitchen... losing your mind to find your soul....

    Just wanted to share a little 'proud papa' moment... Last week, we hosted 40 children (ages 8+) from the Kent and Sussex County Summer Education Program for children of migrant farm workers for a day of cooking, Iron Chef-style.  Produce from Kent and Sussex farms is brought with the children...
  18. jim berman

    Asking my CT family to spread the word...

    As you may or may not know, I am taking a group of students to Italy in the summer. We spend our time doing community service, taking language and cooking classes, writing, and just generally living among a different culture. When we come back, we are hoping to culminate our experience in a sort...
  19. jim berman

    My Last Supper: The Next Course

    I have long been a fan of Melanie Dunea's My Last Supper and am elated that she is offering up a second helping. Any other fans out there?
  20. jim berman

    Not so much a bug, but a question about pictures in Wikis/Articles

    When I add a picture to an article, is there a functional way to have the text wrap the article or at least share the white-space, rather than have gaps next to the pictures? Thanks! -Jim
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