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    Stand Mixer capable of kneading bread dough

    Very informative thread. Now my choice is ez
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    Banana Bread (Creaming method)

    Butter                     15oz (room temp.) Sugar                     18oz Eggs                       9 fl oz (use volume cup) Bananas (mashed)   1 1/2 lbs Vanilla extract          1 tablespoon Sour cream               2.5 oz Cake flour(sifted)       21oz Baking soda              1 teaspoon...
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  12. A Little Bit of Caribbean

    A Little Bit of Caribbean

    I love cooking. I can make most, if not all of Caribbean Recipes. Why don’t you come on in and have a drink and bite to eat? Enjoy the feeling of peace. Thanks
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    The Off Topic Thread

    I got one of the things I wanted out of life. Man, I feel like a woman. :bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::b ounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bounce::bou nce::bounce::bounce::bounce:
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    The Off Topic Thread

    This is so sweet. **muah* hahaha. Want to hear something funny. After reading this I was singing Try a little Kindness while cleaning the bathroom and now everyone in the house is singing it (lol). It was one of my favorite Sunday School song. Try a little kindness (Glenn Campbell) YouTube -...
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    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    Hold it right there( Re the highlighted.) Before you get on your high horse, please call Apple Bees @ 212-391-7414. The birthday song is NOT mandatory, It is done ONLY by request and I for one never requested the birthday song. Have a nice day :peace:
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    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    Yes, I know it's rude to be on the phone while dining. However, I'm sure you are as guilty as I am accepting a phone call once in a blue moon. (say it aint so) I was just aswering the thread starter's question "what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad? Let's not stray away from...
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    The Off Topic Thread

    Good Morning Chef Talkers:chef: Ahhh Yea! A snowy day to stay home and relax. . . .. Movies anyone?:beer: Up first:- Ferris Bueller's Day Off :bounce::bounce::bounce: :peace:
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    what is the worst thing a server can do to make you mad?

    Last Friday I took my boyfriend out for dinner at Apple Bees. I was on the phone telling my girlfriend that it is my boyfriend's b/day. Apparently the waitress overheard my conversation. Shourtly, a bunch of waiters/waitresses came clapping and singing "happy bithday" (no tune whatsoever) at...
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    Things to do before you die

    To visit Jerusalem, Egypt and Greece
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