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  1. lagom

    Ladies and Gentlemen, draw near and listen, the October challenge is Game meat.

    I seriously considered shellfish for this months challenge but saw a couple moose in the neighbors yard this afternoon eating apples and all I could think about was how tasty the magnificent beast taste so Game Meat it is. First the standard copy and paste rules, The usual rules apply: - The...
  2. lagom

    London restaurant recommendations

    Good day my fellow chef talkers. My daughter is is heading to London next week to celebrate her 19th birthday. I’m not familiar with London at all and her group of hens is looking for a place to take her for a birthday dinner. Something nice but not so expensive. Keep in mind we’re used to...
  3. lagom

    Salón de gourmets

    Anyone going? Madrid April 24 thru 27 in. I'll be there from start to finish and then heading to Malaga for a couple days of meet ups with producers. Anyone going or in the area want to meet up for tapas or a glass of wine? We're flying in the day before and staying in central Madrid. It would...
  4. lagom

    giving to charity

    Question for chefs and owners out there, do you support any charitable organizations with donations of products, time or services? If so in what ways? Reason I ask is that we are looking at ways to give back to the community and to the less fortunate that we may not have considered of thought...
  5. lagom

    I hate glass top stoves

    Looks like I'll be switching to gas sooner than I thought128526
  6. lagom


    I'm never so pleased as when I have something new to play with that I have no idea what to do with it. Salicornia, aka sea asparagus, got a kilo comming in tomorrow to experiment with in preparation for a catering Im do at a consultant in December. Ultimately will be served with slow cooked...
  7. lagom


    Here is a bottle we cracked open for our friday evening dinner. Good body, balanced fruit and spice, 9€ in the grocery store in Spain. Will pick up more next month.
  8. lagom


    Picked this up in Germany a few weeks ago. While its no Chopin,Grey Goose, or Ketel One it beets the heck out off Absoult and Stoli.
  9. lagom

    New toys

    While the family is away Ive been taking it easy, but today i got some new toys. Brand new -60c blast chiller and 2 new rolling racks for the Rationals.
  10. lagom

    Amusing Garde Manger

    My wife and kids are in Playa Ingles Grand Canary. The food is ok and this was on display. I just dont know128517
  11. lagom

    A busy week

    Today is the start of Gothia cup, the largest youth football( soccer to us yanks) in the world with teams comming from over 50 countries at 25000 plus kids. Ill be cooking and feeding appx 3000 of them a day, bfast, lunch and dinner, 600 onsite and the rest delivered to 3 different sights to...
  12. lagom

    Iselandic knife

    Not really a cooking knife but I'll use it on fish and moose for field dressing. Whale tooth and ebony handle with Damascus steel blade. Hand made, numbered and registered ownership with the artist who made it. It cost a pretty penny but it was a 50th birthday present to myself. Sharp enough to...
  13. lagom

    The way I see things

  14. lagom

    Have I made the right choicr?

    Ok, Im going to be in NYC next week for a few days and decided on Daniel even though it droped a star tjis year. I been really torn between there and 11 Madison park. I've been to per se and Le B. and really only have one night to really indulge. Any feed back would be great. Plus, any...
  15. lagom

    Iceland recomendations

    Ok, I find myself with the wife on a suprise trip to Iceland. Other than Puffin and whale, what and where to eat. Staying in the middle of Reykjavik. Going to head out wandering in a few minutes and see what I can find.
  16. lagom

    Satay sause

    Some advice needed. Im going to be making about 40 gallons of satay sause next week. Peanuts, peanutbutter, coconut milk, chilis, bit of oyster sause and some sambal olek. Ive made it many times before but have always served if ala minute. This time ill be blast chilling it and portioning cold...
  17. lagom

    I did it today.

    As some of you know I own several different places with manageing partners running all the day to day operations. All good people and smart operators. About a month or so ago I started talking to the 3 of them about buying the places. Got positive feed back from them a we put together a plan...
  18. lagom

    Christmas gifts

    Tis the season, for all the sales reps to drop by with christmas cheer. Now keeping in mind i have 3 different restaurants and a large production kitchen for catering a suppling lunch for 900 kids that means i have 34 vendors I buy from in various amounts. Ive been thanking them kindly and then...
  19. lagom

    Texas sheet cake

    Doing texas sheet cake for 900 later this month. Anyone have a good reciep to yield for a hotel pan? Ill take 32 portions per pan after trimming so i need to make it over a couple of days in the down time. I will be useing a 60 liter mixer and have plenty of oven space( rational system) so a...
  20. lagom

    Gotta mix the dough

    Maybe make a bit of whip cream too.
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