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  1. fryguy

    who have you cooked for latley???

    in the last couple of weeks I have cooked for Drew Bledso, Bo Jackson and Ken Griffy Jr......what famous people or sports stars have you cooked for lately????.... Name dropper thread
  2. fryguy

    I hate Christmas....

    Our biggest grossing month of the year. So now I'm preparing for my 6th large party today (i consider those of over 100 a lagre party) not to mention regular diners.....Ho Ho Ho I want to go home will be this way up until Christmas eve....This is not fun....just thought I would bitch...
  3. fryguy

    pay for sous chef

    coming up on a poosible raise just want opinions on rate of pay....I'm at a medium size country club, been there 17 years ...just want to here from some chefs as to what the TOP dollar amount would or should be for someone in my raises for the last five years due to the economy...
  4. fryguy

    need to improve house salad...

    I have had some complaints on a our house salad , boring, dull. Which I must argree, mixed greens, carrot, tomato and mushroom.....what I would like to see is a WOW factor on the house salad without alot of added cost or hasel to prepare....I have thought about beets, baby corn, cucumber but...
  5. fryguy

    follow up 3 second rule

    Ok first of all I don't do this, just thought I would start some livley debate.....Hmmm or would I So you have a party for 18 ppl all having prime rib. The prime comes out of the oven and opps hits the floor and thats the only one you got....what do you do?? A) toss the prime in the trash and...
  6. fryguy

    what should I fill my filo tart with?????

    having a low motivational day and need some ideas on what to fill my mini filo cups with for passed apps .......whata ya got???
  7. fryguy

    food costing....

    what is the formula you use...and specifically for banquets....also does any one use a spread sheet to conculate and is that a good way to go ....we have a new GM and thing are a bit tighter so I want to make sure we are charging enough. We are a priviate club so they do want a deal but it does...
  8. fryguy

    the biggest mess in your kitchen???

    I've had 2 lately.....first I had my broiler man grab a 25# bucket of feta out of the walk in and as he was putting it away the handle broke and we had 25# of stinky feta and feta wated all over the kitchen floor. But I did get credit for it!!! On mothers day brunch (700+) my sautee broke the...
  9. fryguy

    cooking test for new hires.....

    First thing I do after getting a new cook in for an interview is to put out all items needed to make a hollandaise and let them take a shot at it.......if it breaks sorry charlie keep looking.... what type of test do you use????
  10. fryguy


    Just got some Escolar in. Looking for some words of of wisdom....Have'nt had much experience with it and was lookig for some menu ideas, sauces, preperations, whats works with this fish
  11. fryguy

    Test: why do the call it a monkey dish?

    First of all, DO NOT GOOGLE THIS !!!!!!!!!!! we had a discussion on this at work and had some pretty interesting  answers......what do you think?
  12. fryguy

    how much shoud I charge?

    I had a member approach me about doing a catering at his house. It would be a wild game diner for 12.  Pheasant, Quail and smoked salmon for the proteins and asparagus, wild rice pilaf for the sides....I really got the menu no problem, but I'm wondering what to charge.  He,s a great guy and I...
  13. fryguy

    getting a new kitchen remodle, flooring ?

    Our club is going to spend some money on a LONG awaited remodle. We seem to have all our ducks in a row but, they are going to pour a new seamless floor which will be great. They have left the color up to me but I'm not sure what to go with. My first thought is a sandstone gray but the color...
  14. fryguy

    just got back after seizure..

    I had a grand mal seizure on Easter morning and just got back to work yesterday. Still kinda realing from the whole thing. We had 700 on the books for Easter and some other events during the week, but I was pretty much down for the count. Now mothers day is coming up and I'm on restricted duty...
  15. fryguy

    Need some menu help!!!!! Scottish food hmmm???

    I have our ladies golf opening coming up and they have a Scottish theme. I'm not really to familiar with Scottish food, probably alot of potatoes and cabbage like Irish food but if anyone has some ideas I would welcome some suggestions thanks fryguy
  16. fryguy

    Sharing some Pics......

    just thought I would share some pics of what I've been up to lately.......lets see some of your stuff.   Whata ya got???  
  17. fryguy

    I hate Vegans (cooking)........!!!!!

    I'm really having trouble coming up with some GOOD vegan entrees......Does anyone have some idea's????? I always have some vegetarian entrees ready to go but I'm seeing more and more vegans coming in....whata ya got???
  18. fryguy

    Ideas on plate garnish?????

    I'm just trying to get a few new ideas on a basic plate garnish for our lunch plates, burgers, sandwiches ect... right now it's a piece of green leaf, 1/4 pickle, carrot, celery and 2 olives. This setup is so old and tired. I'm looking for something that won't add alot of cost but really make...
  19. fryguy

    last day of vacation SUCKS....

    just had 11 day's off and have to go back to work in the morning......I just hate that feeling, that your not quite sure what you have waiting for you!!!!!! who's gone, new winter hours, what kind of problems were there   ect. ect..... fryguy  
  20. fryguy

    checking someone's math......

    OK so I'm trying to see if my #'s are right or is my co-worker ya go.... we have a party of 40ppl they arrive at 6 for apps and cocktails. Dinner stars at 7. We have 3 passed apps for the 1 hour time, then a 3 course meal, Ceaser salad, steak and scampi combo plate and creme...
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