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  1. phaedrus

    Chef as a Cleaner

    This depends a lot of the operation. The Chef should be doing whatever is the most important thing that needs her attention. On the one hand the Chef shouldn't be "too good" to clean, but on the other hand anyone can degrease the hoods but not everyone can sit down and analyze the P&Ls, write...
  2. phaedrus

    coping with this time

    I feel for you, alfrede. I'm in my early 50s and have spent my entire life in the kitchen. Up until a year ago I was the chef at a restaurant/bar in a historic building downtown but I quit and took a job as the chef for a nonprofit. It kind of saved my bacon because SARS-CoV-2 hit about five...
  3. phaedrus

    What elements look best for a restaurant's logo?

    I could see using software to DIY a mockup, something to show to a professional graphic artist to kind of sketch what you want in broad strokes. I agree that the logo is kind of the face of your restaurant; it will be on the web site, on advertising, etc. It should be distinctive and...
  4. phaedrus


    May '21 be better than '20!
  5. phaedrus

    Storing Fresh Ravioli in the Fridge - SOS Pasta Experts

    It's not my restaurant but I'd be consider freezing them and calling them "housemade" instead of fresh. Pasta freezes pretty well and if I was eating there I'd be more concerned that it didn't taste old or have mold on it than if it had been frozen. Now fresh fish, that's another matter!
  6. phaedrus

    Sous Vide Question

    I mostly agree, but don't dismiss the purse, it works great and allows you to do things you can't do leaving the egg in the shell.:cool: You're probably right about the condom though.:sick:
  7. phaedrus

    Sous Vide Question

    Fuck no, I'd never do that for customers! :rofl: I should have clarified, that's just for me!:cool:
  8. phaedrus

    Sous Vide Question

    :sick::rofl: Eggs really aren't the "killer app" for sous vide, IMO. I agree it's pretty easy to poach 'em on the stove. I still think the most practical way is to poach them to about 80%, shock 'em in ice water and then slip 'em back into boiling water when you need them. But sous vide...
  9. phaedrus

    Sous Vide Question

    There's your problem, sgsvirgil- if you cook in a condom you have to use an unlubricated type!:emoji_astonished::lol: I'm sorry you've had such bad luck with sous vide but I've done it pretty much like someday and it's worked great for me.:emoji_cooking:
  10. phaedrus

    Hi, I'm new and would really appreciate some advice

    Welcome! Not dumb at all, they're good questions. If you go to the Chef's section there's a big thread running on just those issues now.
  11. phaedrus

    New kid on the block, here to help.

    Welcome to CT, Ronald
  12. phaedrus

    Career advice

    I guess I didn't address the culinary school thing at all. I went to college and studied Philosophy, Business and Information Security (weird combo I know) and my degrees are in business, so I didn't go to culinary. The business degrees have been good but I went back when I was older having...
  13. phaedrus

    Eight years since Chef KC Ma died

    A couple but I'm forgetting now. Honestly, some kind of pinned post or wall would be cool.
  14. phaedrus

    Eight years since Chef KC Ma died

    Maybe we need a memorial wall? A little thread or subforum for In Memoriam? We've lost some titans here at Chef Talk, it would be neat to kind of "retire their jersey" and have a pinned place to remember them. It would be useful for chefs we know IRL as well.
  15. phaedrus

    Eight years since Chef KC Ma died

    Man, time flies. Eight years ago on Nov 28th, Chef KC Ma was killed in a traffic accident when the motorcycle he was riding was hit by a car. I was thinking he was a member here but I'm not sure. He lived and worked in LA, CA. I knew him from several forums we shared and he had many colorful...
  16. phaedrus

    When can an experienced cook call himself a chef?

    Those are some high end expensive Royales with Cheese, Iceman!:smokin:lol::emoji_sunglasses:
  17. phaedrus

    When can an experienced cook call himself a chef?

    My buddy and his whole family call me Chef. I think they've forgotten my given name! :emoji_poop: :rofl:
  18. phaedrus

    Career advice

    As mgm0 says, you should be able to learn something almost anywhere. The big difference coming up today vs back when I was young is the internet. There are more ways to learn now, and especially more ways to network today. You should be able to learn from reviews and from places like Indeed...
  19. phaedrus

    When can an experienced cook call himself a chef?

    When you're in charge you're the Chef as chefwriter says.
  20. phaedrus

    am I too old?

    Chefbillyb is correct of course, you don't need to be a chef to open a restaurant. Most of the places I have worked the owner was more of a FOH sort of person which was why I was hired as the chef. IMO it makes sense to get some kitchen experience though to understand the way the operation...
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